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Prime Desire by Tiffany Allee Prime Desire by Feb. 20, 2017 $2.99 19865 words Sample 20%
Nicolas screwed up the night he met Evie. And ever since the plucky human slipped out of his bed without a word, he has been unable to forget her. But he wasn’t ready to follow her then—he was still gaining control of his tiger. Serendipity might have brought them together once, but Nicolas refuses to leave their future to chance. He will claim Evie as his mate, or lose her forever.
Broken Prime by Tiffany Allee Broken Prime by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 10884 words Read a sample
When Evie loses her way during a terrible storm, she is determined not to die. But snow and darkness close in and all seems lost—until a stranger finds her. Warm and safe at his cabin, she can’t help notice how sexy her rescuer is, and things go from warm to scorching hot. But Nicolas lives alone on the mountain for a reason. And his secrets may be more dangerous to Evie than the cold.
Synthesis by Fantastic Books Publishing Synthesis by Feb. 20, 2017 $3.46 42219 words Sample 33%
Synthesis is a gripping science fiction anthology featuring established authors alongside debut writers. Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf’s Kryten) has written the Foreword and the collection features Drew Wagar, Stuart Aken and Boris Glikman. The amazing artwork is by Alvaro Escudero, and the cover was designed by Heather Murphy.
Junkspiritum by Stanislas Kazal Junkspiritum by Feb. 20, 2017 $7.00 14823 words Sample 20%
Une mission : révéler le Genius loci de notre territoire. Une méthode : révéler le local mais au delà le global et l’universel par une approche transdisciplinaire faisant dialoguer les cultures. Ces textes mis bout à bout révèlent aussi une relation de confiance entre une rédactrice en chef et un chroniqueur qui connaissent mutuellement leurs manières de penser.
The Holy Visit by Grace Kukunis The Holy Visit by Feb. 20, 2017 $3.99 39978 words Sample 20%
This book was written at the request of our Lord Jesus’ Present in the Blessed Sacrament. He asked me to share his urgent messages with you regarding the Adoration of the Eucharist, and how important it is for you to understand its significance, and to consistently join him there to feel his love and to accept the graces he holds for you. Grace Kukunis, The Little Apostle of the True Faith
The Bra Man Cometh by Marci Wilcox The Bra Man Cometh by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 3317 words Read a sample
Desperate to find a comfortable bra for her large breasts, she goes to the Bra Man's store. He can look at any woman and tell her the perfect bra for her. He's not there but his son offers to help. He shares his father's gift, but with one notable difference. While his father does it by sight, he does it by feel. Will she allow him to handle her breasts if it will lead to the perfect bra?
Legal but Harmful by Mike Lotzof Legal but Harmful by Feb. 20, 2017 $24.95 73982 words Sample 10%
Legal but Harmful is a guide for understanding and improving corporate behavior, reducing risk and in so doing, rebuilding trust. It will help you understand why rules, facts, truth and logic fail to change beliefs and shape behavior and why good people do bad things. It will help you build compliance, ethics, and behavior change programs that work and make you a more effective leader.
Damon's Sister: The Hottest Girl in the World by Reese Cantwell Damon's Sister: The Hottest Girl in the World by Feb. 20, 2017 $4.99 16208 words Sample 10%
I can't tell you the school, but I was on our college soccer team and one of our team was Damon, a black player from near Chicago. His younger sister, Monique, came to watch us play one weekend and she made us a promise if we won the game. Well, we won, and we were the first white guys she's ever had. We just wish she had a whole bunch of sisters. That would make life perfect, indeed.
H is for Helen by Kelly Addams H is for Helen by Feb. 20, 2017 $0.99 3866 words Sample 20%
The Alphabet Minis series continues, and H is for Helen is a continuation of G is for Gina, here we see Helen's side of the story. How will she handle the fact that one of her best employees has a crush on her, and could it be fate that the one girl in her company that she wants to be with feels the same!
The Sacred Pilgrimage by Fernando Davalos The Sacred Pilgrimage by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 4781 words Read a sample
Sacred Pilgrimages in México are multitudinous walks made by devoted religious believers in sacred routes on special days of spiritual opportunity. The Zapopan pilgrimage or "romeria" is one of those religious celebrations that manifest the most sacred that have sustained the Mexican nation. Agustin's "New Way" group could not be absent on this special day walking with Mother Mary to her abode.
Triple Indulgence - Three Popular Stories by Sari Shepard Triple Indulgence - Three Popular Stories by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.99 17341 words Sample 25%
Three of Sari Shepard's best selling, most read short stories
TRIXERCISE  Part One - Loving Yourself Hurts by Trixie Bloom TRIXERCISE Part One - Loving Yourself Hurts by Feb. 20, 2017 $0.99 529 words Sample 10%
Getting fit and healthy has never been easier! Laugh the kilos away with this refreshing new approach to Fitness and Health. Author and Fitness Instructor Trixie Bloom combines real exercises with plenty of humour to help the medicine go down.
One Lucky Fool by Tom Pointer One Lucky Fool by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.99 148823 words Sample 20%
Rooster Brown waits in the darkness of a truck-stop parking lot with his grandfather’s pistol, determined to kill the waitress who spurned him. But when two robbers show up unexpectedly he chooses to use his bullets on them instead. In an instant, he goes from would-be villain to unlikely savior, and becomes the town hero, launching himself into a future he could never have imagined.
Copper Green by Mike James Copper Green by Feb. 20, 2017 $2.99 111947 words Sample 20%
Betrayed by her own government, Joey Porter reaches the bottom of the swamp. The country faces grave threats and the military unusable. The President puts all options on the table. Joey Porter works to bring the terrorist to final justice. Forever changed by her experiences, Joey Porter decides if bitterness will take over her life or if she will continue to be like a Swan in the Swamp.
Fortification by S.K. Holder Fortification by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.99 21016 words Sample 20%
Skelos Dorm comes from a superhuman race known as Citizens. His home planet is Odisiris, located within the Andromeda Galaxy. A renowned neuroscientist, he specializes in the field of neurorobotics. Under the watchful eye of the Odisirian Establishment, he seeks acclaim for a more controversial experiment. One he believes will pay dividends if he is successful.
Tales of Magen Garth: The Purgative Spell Plight by Jeremy Jexter Tales of Magen Garth: The Purgative Spell Plight by Feb. 20, 2017 $0.99 8082 words Sample 30%
Sixteen-year-old Eris Renwyth is of noble elf lineage and a notorious student mage at the Magical Academy of Magen Garth. When she accidentally becomes the victim of a purgative spell she had cast herself, the entire day turns into her worst nightmare. Will she be able to find a solution to her predicament in time?
Unusual Times by Mike James Unusual Times by Feb. 20, 2017 $2.99 120151 words Sample 20%
Can executive actions go too far? Joey Porter, the Swan in the Swamp, works to save the country from another terrorist attack. Planes and ships of the United States military have been sabotaged. In a dire emergency, the President uses executive actions to protect the country. As Joey Porter sinks deeper into the corruption, she learns things she shouldn't know and there are consequences.
Facebook Cash Formula by Raihan Shikdar Facebook Cash Formula by Feb. 20, 2017 $9.99 44 words Sample 10%
It is a complete blueprint of making rock solid income consistently! This is the exact method which use to make $300 a day from a Facebook account! By following this strategy, like hundreds of other users, you can also reach at $300 a day in just 4 weeks...!!!
Nurturing the anointing by Badmus Olalekan Ibrahim Nurturing the anointing by Feb. 20, 2017 $5.00 16025 words Sample 10%
If we can have the person of the Holy Spirit of the living God by our sides, we will easily move the heavens.
Anti–Inflammatory  Eating : Fight Inflammation Naturally by Sarah Nixon Anti–Inflammatory Eating : Fight Inflammation Naturally by Feb. 20, 2017 $2.99 26117 words Sample 20%
HEAL THE INFLAMMATION NATURALLY,Make the right dietary choice & live a life that’s anything but average!Alleviate arthritis,type 2 diabetes,food allergies,skin conditions,weight gain,& many other symptoms of chronic inflammation by following an ANTI INFLAMMATORY DIET.This cookbook ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EATING is provided with:Detailed info about inflammation along with tips,food list & nutrition plan.
Thronebogcan by Mark Cummings Thronebogcan by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.99 48851 words Sample 10%
Adult humour, a road trip and coming-of-age story for the .com era.
A Basket Of Lilacs For The Cowboy: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Vanessa Carvo A Basket Of Lilacs For The Cowboy: Eight Historical Romance Novellas by Feb. 20, 2017 $5.99 79216 words Sample 20%
Lonely Emma Travels The Oregon Trail PLUS Traveling The Oregon Trail With Our Family Bible PLUS Belinda’s Beloved Family Bible PLUS Oregon Trail Love Stories: Footprints PLUS Open Home & Open Heart PLUS Older Than Average But Full Of Love PLUS: If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride PLUS Pregnant & Widowed & Headed For The Gentleman Farmer In Montana. See complete synopses.
Kalrea's Legacy by Adrian Fulcher Kalrea's Legacy by Feb. 20, 2017 $0.99 98176 words Sample 15%
After a botched robbery on Lord Migual’s mansion, Seth is given a choice. Help Lord Migual find a spaceship called the Aurora, or die. The choice is an easy one, the job however, is anything but easy. Seth has to try to stay ahead of others who also want the Aurora’s secrets, and if he can keep himself alive, it will change his life forever...
The Wolves of Craigellen: The Complete Highland Shifter Romance Trilogy by Ruby Fielding The Wolves of Craigellen: The Complete Highland Shifter Romance Trilogy by Feb. 20, 2017 $3.99 159133 words Sample 20%
How much would you be willing to give up for the one you love? Available in one volume for the first time: The Wolves of Craigellen: Ruby Fielding's stunning Highland shifter romance trilogy – murder, intrigue and breathtaking romance in a werewolf series like no other. "An exciting suspenseful shifter romance... The characters are fantastic... a must read book!" (Roxie's Reviews)
Grand Escape by Michelle Bryan Grand Escape by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 4355 words Read a sample
Trapped. Hunted. And all alone. The nightmare begins…
Reflections Of A Sheep - The Series - Book Nine by Bill Taylor Reflections Of A Sheep - The Series - Book Nine by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 2917 words Read a sample
Hi everyone. Spare time for reading is not a luxury all folks have, so with that in mind and a desire to accommodate all, I have re-written my book "Reflections Of A Sheep" into a "Series Format" under the new title, "Reflections Of A Sheep - The Series". The original will remain intact and available as usual. With sincere thanks for your support and blessings to all. Bill Taylor.
Τι πρέπει  να περιέχει ένα τοπογραφικό διάγραμμα - 3η Έκδοση by Pan Papas, Sr Τι πρέπει να περιέχει ένα τοπογραφικό διάγραμμα - 3η Έκδοση by Feb. 20, 2017 $11.00 2561 words Sample 20%
Ο παρόν οδηγός είναι μια προσφορά προς όλους τους ασχολουμένους με την έκδοση αδειών οικοδομής και περιγράφει τι πρέπει να περιέχεται σε ένα Τοπογραφικό Διάγραμμα . Βασικός μου στόχος είναι να βοηθήσω τους νέους μηχανικούς ( και όχι μόνο αυτούς) , να γνωρίζουν τι πρέπει να περιέχεται σε ένα Τοπογραφικό Διάγραμμα ,για την έκδοση μιας άδειας οικοδομής .
Consent & Desire & Submission Book II: An Honorable Sexual Surrender by Joy Zelig Consent & Desire & Submission Book II: An Honorable Sexual Surrender by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.49 5913 words Sample 20%
I consented to what Klaus did; my desire was powerful, raw, hotter than any passion that’d ever threatened to consume me. My husband, Darren? “Consent” didn’t apply. Perhaps acquiescence? Willful ignorance? In the end, Darren’s unconditional love notwithstanding: He didn’t see me; never really had. Klaus? The-Man-Behind-the-Curtain, the Wizard of Odd, the invisible third partner in our marriage.
Basic Concept In C Programming by OnlineGatha Basic Concept In C Programming by Feb. 20, 2017 $2.00 43687 words
Er.Jawad Ahmad Dar received his Bachelor’s Degree B-TECH in Computer Science and Engineering from Islamic University of Science and Technology Kashmir 2013 and M-TECH from the Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra Haryana in 2015 .His area of interest includes Airtifical Intelligence,Robotics,
Selection While Waiting at The Airport by Hiranya Borah Selection While Waiting at The Airport by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 3425 words Read a sample
It is a quick love story. The story came to my mind when I saw two young ladies were occupying a four-seater chair keeping their belongings in between them. Probably, they did not know each other and that is why, they were not talking to each other.
LOVE ON GMAIL by OnlineGatha LOVE ON GMAIL by Feb. 20, 2017 $5.00 114270 words
This is a real life romance between Abia and Idris. They can’t be together, they know it, because both are married to someone else and both have a child. But they don’t want to lose each other and because of this, they struggle in their personal and social life.
Top 100 Pho Recipes by Fountainhead Publications Top 100 Pho Recipes by Feb. 20, 2017 $3.99 25427 words Sample 20%
We have handpicked most popular and at the same time not difficult recipes and compile it in to our latest book Top 100 Pho Recipes.
The 10 Great Upanishads: Their Essence Revealed Through Simple Questions And Answers by Yogi Impressions The 10 Great Upanishads: Their Essence Revealed Through Simple Questions And Answers by Feb. 20, 2017 $9.99 32944 words Sample 20%
An invaluable gift to humanity, the teachings contained in the Upanishads are relevant for all time. Since they are often in the form of lectures delivered by a teacher to a student, they inspired the 'Question-Answer' format for this concise book. Easy to read, easier to understand The 10 Great Upanishads is a must read for those who want to benefit from the lessons the Upanishads.
Falak by OnlineGatha Falak by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 33721 words
‘‘फलक पर लिखी कहानियों में सामाजिक विषमता से लेकर जीन्स खरीदने में होने वाली किसी लड़के की परेशानी तक है। इस समूह में दक्षिण अफ्रीका में बसे लोग भी शामिल हैं तोऑस्ट्रेलिया से भी सदस्य हैं। हिन्दी लेखकों को अब छपने के लिए किसी आलोचक की स्वीकृति की जरूरत नहीं है।‘‘
The Secret to Great Success: The Inner Working Of The Law Of Attraction FULLY Exposed by Virend Singh The Secret to Great Success: The Inner Working Of The Law Of Attraction FULLY Exposed by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 11591 words Read a sample
Is this you? Always striving for success, but no matter what you do, it still eludes you. If you are one of these people then perhaps you don’t realise that you can tap into your unlimited potential and be justly enriched when you combine a greater understanding of yourself with specific efforts towards excellence. This book will show you how.
Nana's Red Hat - A Kenna Michaels Magical Adventure, Book 1 by Trish Rice Nana's Red Hat - A Kenna Michaels Magical Adventure, Book 1 by Feb. 20, 2017 $2.99 35979 words Sample 10%
An ordinary girl, with an ordinary family, and an ordinary life becomes extraordinary when she comes across her Nana’s special red hat. Kenna Michaels is unexpectedly transported to another realm while visiting her grandparents, where she discovers long-kept family secrets and realizes her true destiny is to live a remarkable life filled with magic and adventure.
Every Goal Kept Us Going by Thokozane Masombuka Every Goal Kept Us Going by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 5601 words Sample 30%
A story about young spiring footballers aided by a great mentor want to to break free from the hardships of their daily lives and struggles by playing football.
Trimantra (In Spanish) by Dada Bhagwan Trimantra (In Spanish) by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 16710 words Read a sample
At the heart of world religion, and among the most powerful mantras in the history of religion, is the Navkar mantra, or Trimantra. In the book “Trimantra”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan explains the Trimantra, its mantra meaning, and the extraordinary benefits of its recitation which makes one experience inner peace and free from worries in everyday life.
The Essence of All Religion (In Spanish) by Dada Bhagwan The Essence of All Religion (In Spanish) by Feb. 20, 2017 Free! 16188 words Read a sample
In the book “The Essence of All Religion”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan explains the difference between religion and spirituality. Pujya Dadashri offers the extract of spirituality and religion in the form of nine spiritual intents (kalams). He explains that the nine kalams are the essence of the teachings of the religions of the world. They are a simple and direct means to live in peace.
MILES APART by OnlineGatha MILES APART by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 62284 words
They have been searching for each other since eternity and finally they meet. However, he is in Pune, working to accomplish his goals while she is in Kolkata awaiting to get married to another man. Universe takes over when the union was next to impossible. The story is spruced by a twist when they both separate their paths unable to describe and dissolve the dilemma of feelings. Will they reunite
Poetry Free Range by Eddie Thompson Poetry Free Range by Feb. 20, 2017 $4.00 11748 words Sample 10%
Eddie Thompson's verses are based on his experiences, observations and thoughts about life and are for the most part refreshingly brief. He published his first volume, Poetry Lite, in 2015. This second collection again covers a variety of subjects from youth to age, singing to shopping and black puddings to religion
अभिव्यंजना (दिल की बातें ) by OnlineGatha अभिव्यंजना (दिल की बातें ) by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 4922 words
किसी सुन्दर सपने या महत्वकांक्षा का पूर्ण होना महज़ इत्तेफ़ाक नहीं होता। हमारे अथक श्रम और लगन को मनचाही वास्तविकता में परिवर्तित होने में हमारे कुछ शुभचिंतकों और स्वजनों द्वारा प्रदत्त संबल, प्रेरणा और मनोबल भी सम्मिलित होते हैं। साहित्य और लेखन के क्षेत्र में कुछ कर पाने की इच्छा आज जब साकार होने की कगार पर है तो मेरा आभारी दिल अपनी श्रद्धा उन सबको अर्पित करने को उद्धत है जिनके कारण आज ष्अभिव्यंजन
Hasya vyangya ke Tadke by OnlineGatha Hasya vyangya ke Tadke by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 6477 words
जन्म: ४ अगस्त १९८३ लखनऊ , उत्तर प्रदेश शिक्षा: बचपन और शुरू की शिक्षा लखनऊ में और इंजीनियरिंग मदन मोहन मालवीय इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज गोरखपुर से। कार्यक्षेत्र: इनफार्मेशन टेक्नोलॉजी एंड बिज़नेस इंटेलिजेंस कंसलटेंट। लेखन में गहरी रुचि, १०० के भी ऊपर कवितायेँ और लघु कथाएं लिख चुकें है। उनमे से कुछ पत्रिकाओं में प्रकाशित भी हुई है। लेखक के शब्दों में: "मुझमें लिखने का हुनर न सही पर लिखने का जज्बा जरूर ह
कविशाला by OnlineGatha कविशाला by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 10369 words
कविशाला – कविता और कवियों के लिए एक ऐसा माध्यम है जहाँ पर कवि अपनी कविता लिखा सकते है, लोगो के साथ साझा कर सकते है और लोगो के साथ चर्चा कर सकते है !
Love & Marriage by OnlineGatha Love & Marriage by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 14276 words Sample 20%
It is a story that describes how a love that took birth in college days reaches the destination of marriage facing the crest and tough of life and society
7 Steps to Child Care by Charles Nakembetwa Shamsulla 7 Steps to Child Care by Feb. 20, 2017 $5.50 16086 words Sample 20%
Children are a Gift from the LORD [Psalms 127:3: this is the general provision of the king of glory. Those children are not originally your own as you suppose. They belong to the owner and you are only privileged to bear them, they could be borne by anybody else. People miss this truth from the king of glory; as a result they treat children as their own property, they can abuse them and treat them
Nai Kitaab by OnlineGatha Nai Kitaab by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 6907 words
अंकुल मिश्र युगल जन्म १० मई १९९० , सुमरेपुर , हमीरपुर उत्तर प्रदेश बचपन से कलम से मित्रता है , कलम से अख़बार में समाज को लिखा हिंदी माध्यम में बारहवीं तक फिर दिल्ली से इंजीनीरिंग करते हुए हिंदी में लेखन कार्य जारी रखा
Naanya Spriha by OnlineGatha Naanya Spriha by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 22093 words
लेखक श्री भगवती चरण भारतीय संस्कृति के विषद अध्येता है .इनका जनम बिहार प्रान्त के पटना जिले में श्री वीरेंद्र कुमार सिंह और श्री मति सरोज कुमारी के घर में १९८२ में हुआ . शिक्षा भी पटना से ही हुई . स्नातक की परीक्षा में पटना विश्वविद्यालय में फर्स्ट डिवीज़न प्राप्त करने वाले श्री भगवती चरण २०१० में भारतीय राजस्व सेवा में सामिल हुए .
Purple Strawberries by OnlineGatha Purple Strawberries by Feb. 20, 2017 $1.00 28571 words
Purple strawberries is a small window opening in the complex world of managing a growing child by providing time tested tools for effective parenting.
No Negativity No Depression by Baldev Bhatia No Negativity No Depression by Feb. 20, 2017 $9.99 28268 words Sample 20%
Be positive, be strong, be bold and be courageous every day. Even if we are having a bad day, think of some good things that may come our way, either later that day, tomorrow, next week, month, or year. When everything seems to be beyond our control, it’s almost too easy for us to slip into the grasp of negativity.