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  • The day she realizes she is living for them and not herself.

Kelly comes home one day after working late and her spouse tells her the dinner she prepared taste like rat poison. Her children then take turns asking her are we going on vacation, give me candy, I want to go to grandma’s house, I don’t want this meal I want that meal……the complaints continue as Kelly zones out to a happy place in her life when she was living free with no responsibilities and no complainers. Her time was her own. As she snaps out of it her husband walks by her in the kitchen. No hug, no kiss, no hi how was your day, just nothing. He then explains to her how the food should have been prepared, how much money she could have saved on groceries along with a host of other complaints. All Kelly can think about is one day, one day. She will be free from all of their complaining. But when, and how?

As the days passed these same thought grew stronger. She did it all for them and later realized, what had she done for herself? When would she go away, when would she relax, when would she travel, go on a plane, Jet Ski, ski, surf. All of life’s enjoyment was passing her by.

Then that bright red image of the word guilt flashes in her head. You are happy because you have them. They are your pride and joy. They are your accomplishments. Without them you would be nothing. They bring you up and they love you with all their heart no matter what! How dare you even think for one moment that your life is not fulfilling because you haven’t road a damn surfboard or skied!

So she goes back to her quiet lifestyle and continues to be that good mother and wife that she has been from day one. Cooking, cleaning, working and working. It never ends! Making sure that there is always gas in the car, food on the table and that all events are met.

Once upon a time Kelly’s husband Mark used to travel with her, adore and romance her. Mark was handsome, intelligent and very strong. Kelly loved how he used to pull her so close to his body and hug her so tight he would lift her up off the floor. Their passion towards each other was like an explosion. Mark racing home to Kelly, and Kelly doing the same. They both longed for children and couldn’t wait to start a family together. Then one day after a romantic vacation together Kelly found out she was pregnant. Both parties were overjoyed with excitement. As the first child came and their parental skills were learned Kelly and Mark had ups and downs, but they always made up before they went to sleep. This continued, more children came into their world and they were an awesome team. Kelly could never say her husband did not help her, she surely could not complain about being overwhelmed because she had Mark. Mark was her rock.

As the years progressed Mark dove further into his success. His architect company was booming and he began to have no time for her. Mark was still a good Dad, always making sure he spent quality time with his children. Their oldest wanted to follow in Mark’s footsteps and they became closer and closer. Kelly soon realized they were no longer a team. There was no place or room for Kelly in their home. All of the children’s activities took priority over their love lives. There was no love life left. For years this continued. Kelly was such a good wife. Taking care of her family day in and day out. She had few friends because she felt she would never want to replace her motherly duties with foolishness. There was no time for drinks with friends, movies, or casual conversation.

In no time the things that used to make Kelly happy were no longer a preference for her. She watched others go skiing, scuba diving and zip lining to name a few. She also wanted romance, and constantly thought of the days her husband used to make love to her in every position possible. That is the life Kelly longed for and she was determined to get it back!

Months passed and Kelly continued to have these same desires. Recently the thought of feeling another man's touch slowly creeped into her mind. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband anymore, it was just the physical desires she needed and craved were overtaking her daily thoughts. There was no one in particular whom she would be with in an intimate way BUT one day that eventually all changed.

One afternoon after Mark went to work and Kelly dropped their children off to school, she went to her local book store, thinking maybe a good book will take my mind off of things and help me dive into other thoughts. Kelly used to love sports in her pre-children life so she picked up a good book all about getting back into shape to steer her on the right track. Just as she finished paying for her book Kelly bumped into an old high school friend. His name was Christopher Willis Jordan, CJ for short.

Christopher gave her a big hug and squeeze as he said, “hey Kelly how you been? It’s been a loooong time, how are you”? Kelly was a little embarrassed as she didn’t enjoy so much attention in public not to mention her hair was placed up into a high messy ponytail. “Hi CJ she said, it’s nice to see you too, I’m fine. As CJ said, “I know you are” Kelly looked down and couldn’t help but blush. They had small talk in the book store about their current lives. Kelly explained how long she had been married, her husband’s excellent career and their 3 beautiful children. CJ said that he had been married and was recently divorced and has 2 daughters ages 4 and 6 Elizabeth and Marie. When the two finally left the book store they quickly exchanged email address in the hopes of speaking some more in the near future.

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