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The Power of sexuality in Sustaining Life


Marital Relationship

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Table of content


Chapter 1 - Maintaining effective marital relationship

Chapter 2 - Tips for improving your sexual life

Chapter 3 - Benefits of sex for the couples

Chapter 4 - why some ladies find it difficult to climax during sex

Chapter 5 - Effect of sexual dysfunction in relationship

Chapter 6 - Premature ejaculation

Chapter 7 The natural effective way of treating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Chapter 8- Teen sex education




God is Almighty, merciful and kind, for through his kindness we are able to do all things. I want to thank God for His guidance and protection and for making this book a reality.

A worm sentiment of heartfelt gratitude goes to my parents Mr / Mrs. Aleke Samuel for their prayers and words of encouragement that has kept me going in my career, and all the members of my family for their love, understanding, care and support. May the good Lord whom I serve tremendously bless them all with abundant blessing.

Worthy of mention are Ugwu Kelvin, Ugwu Vitalis, Eze Chukwunonso, Ugwu Paul and to all my good people I say thanks a million.


This book is dedicated to all couples and orphans


Despite the profundity and efflorescence of writing on marriage, the area of sex education has remained largely undeveloped.

I feel very impressed by the genuineness and originality of the presentation of fact by the author.

The booklet “The Power of Sexuality in Sustaining Life and Marital Relationship” unveils a lot challenges couple faces in their marital relationship.

Sexual dysfunction, lack of sex drive or an unsatisfying sexual life can certainly leads to infidelity and even to divorce.

The writer provided laudable solutions that can help couples in revitalizing their sexual fitness. I recommend the book to all and sundry.

Dr. Solomon Amos

(Medical Consultant)


Couples generally fight over the same five things, money, work, parenting, homework and sex. Many authors have written extensively on other causes of marital failure while sex which constitutes greater percentages of marital collapse has never been scratched.

Sexuality is a complex, crucial aspect of life and marriage. For most people, sexuality is healthy as long as it causes neither member of the couple any distress or emotional turmoil. Healthy sexual function allows both people to enjoy pleasure and to have realistic expectations of each other.

It is God desires that his creatures seek and enjoy sex life with their partners and sex is indeed a very crucial part of any relationship. Apart from its function in procreation, it is relaxing and mean for our pleasure.

Maintaining sexual desire, attraction and trust is an ongoing process that takes effort and initiative for both individual. The key to rebuilding marital sexual desire is to enjoy non-demanding pleasuring, increasing intimacy, and having fun together.

Some couples report that good sex can bridge the distance gap, in time of stress such as during the child rearing years. Sex adds longevity to your lifespan and also contributes to a sense of calm and inner peace.

In contrary, a low sex marriage can often deteriorate so that conflict, frustration and boredom become common plea in the relationship. This low sex marriage is

caused by some sexual problems like; erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lack of sex drive etc.

Some people went further in taking pill to maximize their sexual performances. This pill is very dangerous to the body system. There was a case of a man who took pill to satisfy his lover. So this man really lasted very long according to his lover, but when he wanted to ejaculate, the semen could not come out and the man died while his manhood still erect.

Many people have lost their lives due to the negative effect of pill. There are many natural ways you can use to enhance your sexual performance without pill.

Premature ejaculation and low sex drive are sometimes occurs as a result of the way we programmed our thought towards sex. If you preconceive in your mind before having sex that you may not satisfy your partner, your body system will align with that thought and generate fear, nervousness and all sorts of anxieties that will make you not to perform. Your thought can affect your sexual life.

If you believe that you can give your partner a mind blowing orgasm during sex your body system will reciprocate with that thought by producing energy that will help you to perform well.

A man attested after reading one of my books that he was a victim of erectile dysfunction, which made his wife to abandon him. It was through the knowledge that he acquired from my book that revitalized his sexual stamina.

Old age sometimes may lead to erectile dysfunction. But touching enhances erection. Couple should know how to touch each other well before penetration. Proper sexual touching reduces anxieties which may lead erectile dysfunction.

Sexual touching makes it easier for a woman to climax during sex. A lady attested how her husband was gently rubbing her breast. She said that she wanted to tell her husband to change to other style that she was not feeling it but before she could know what is happening she have already started climaxing that both of them were surprise how it happened.

Men are naturally programmed to achieve orgasm with little stimulation but women were not created like that. You can’t make a woman to climax easily with only penetration. You have to spend more time stimulating her clitoris. Some people call it G-spot. It is located little distance after the vaginal wall.

The size of your penis is not the reason why you cannot satisfy a woman, if your little fingers can turn your partner wired what about your penis which is larger than your fingers.

You need to reprogram your mind towards sex. Forget your previous failure and think of what you can do to improve. Kiss that person neck, thigh and breast properly. Focus much on stimulation.

Nothing move ladies much like words. Tell the person how romantic she looks. Tell her how romantic her breast looks. Word can turn women wired even before sex. Be romantic Stop complaining believe that you can perform well.

Make sure that you arrange your room well, because unkempt room can make the person not to concentrate. Ensure that your room looks sexy. Good musical background is also very romantic


Some ladies complains of pains while having sex, this pains occur due to the vaginal dryness. I mentioned some fruits that can help to restore your vaginal fluid in this book.

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes confused with premature ejaculation. The formal is condition where a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Such men with erectile dysfunction rush orgasm in order to finish before their erection fails while premature ejaculation is inability for a man to last long in bed.

Also, a lot of women find it difficult to reach orgasm during sex. They attribute it to dysfunction. Well, it’s not dysfunction but lack of proper stimulation and concentration when having sex.

So, there may be a case for saying that there is a G-sport orgasm, possibly a vaginal one and one that originate in the clitoris. Infrequent sexual touching is associated with sexual and orgasm difficulties.

Knowing how to stimulate this area with your fingertips may be a useful addition to your bed time repertoire and give extra pleasure. But trying to reach the G-sport with your penis during sex is not easy, you might just possibly have success if the woman is sitting astride you and facing you, and leans backwards so, your penis presses against her front vaginal wall.

“The power of sexuality in sustaining life and marital relationship” is the book that addresses a lot of sexual problem that couples face. With this book your marriage and your healthy sexual life will be revitalized.

This book also covered a broader scope of teen sex education, which can equip parents to teach their kids about sex

Chapter 1

Maintaining Effective Marital Relationship

Marriage is defined differently and by different entities, based on cultural, religious and personal factors. Marriage is a social and legal contract between two individuals that units their lives legally, economically and emotionally. “Shari Strilof, 2016”

Being married also gives legitimacy to sexual relationship within the marriage. A good marriage is best friends with a passion to build a strong relationship, commitment and selflessness.

A marriage is brought into being by the lawful manifested consent of persons who are legally capable. This consent cannot be supplied by man power. Matrimony consent is an act of will by which a man and a woman by an irrevocable covenants mutually give and accept one another for the purpose of establishing marriage (Can 105 111 & 2). Also for matrimonial consent to exist, it is necessary that the contracting parties be at least not ignorant of the fact that marriage is a permanent partnership between a man and a woman, ordered to the procreation of children through some form of sexual cooperation. This ignorant is not presumed after puberty “can. 10006.”


Genesis Chapter One and two teach that man and woman are made in the image of God. As I understand how God made my wife, I can better complete her as a woman. We are fearfully and wonderfully made “the bible declares ‘Psalm 139:14’, my wife’s femaleness is as essential as my maleness in the working out of God’s desire in our marriage.

Marriage is a call to ongoing intimacy not only sexual intimacy, but also the intentional develop of emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacy. So if the couples neglect emotional bonding or don’t pay ongoing attention to each other, all parts of the relationship suffer, including the physical expression of love.

Sustaining physical attraction, however often takes a conscious decision to put time and effort into a dimension of the relationship that use to come effortlessly. It requires setting one’s spouse as the priority before work, before cleaning and even before kids. This may mean having occasional dinner alone “without children” going on dates and bringing to their relationships new ways of connecting.

Couple having fun

Couples constantly face the time issue there isn’t any! If you wait for quiet periods when romantic behavior can surface and there is energy for prolong lovemaking, you will only get to have sex a couple of times a year when you get away without the Children! You need to schedule a date night when you plan to go to bed early enough that you are both still awake with a mutual commitment to make love. The door should be locked to avoid unexpected entrance of your kids. Of course, you don’t need to be limited to nights. Many couples find the best time in the morning after children have left for school. Others are able to work out lunch time liaisons.

If the Children are older, there is the usual embarrassment about “what will” the children think?” look at it this way, parents hide their sexuality from their Children and then expect their children to grow up and understand that sex is an expression of love between two adults. It is healthy to be open to your children that husband and wives express their love by touching each other in special ways. It is Healthy for children to know that their parents are lover so don’t hide the fact that you are


Happy family

So, sex promotes intimacy, reassurance, and the realization that both parties are wanted and needed. It is hard to find researched evidence, but most surveys point to the fact that a lack of sex in a relationship is a leading factor in break – ups.

Once the sex goes, so many other problems follow. It has also been proven that couples especially men will live longer-happy lives if they remain in a steady loving relationship. There is no doubt that a healthy sex life is one of the most important factors in a thriving and successful marriage.

One dimension of masculine/feminine sexuality worth exploring is how spouses complement each other, just as magnets are draw to each other from different poles, so too men and women are drawn to each other, not only because of similarities, but also for the difference.

Horney moon

For example, men often show passion by pursuing and initiating lovemaking focusing on purpose, protection and commitment; while women playfully tend to provoke and entice, focusing on vulnerability and feelings, exaggerating these two polarities can stimulate passion.

Some couples report that good sex can bridge the distance gap, in time of stress, such as during child rearing years. Good sex is free, adds longevity to your lifespan. It’s excellent for your cardiovascular health and can contribute to a sense of calm and inner peace.

In addition, men and women are different, when it comes to sex. Unfortunately many couples failed to reflect on these differences and integrate them into understanding of how to be successful partners.

Starts with arousal patterns, men are quick to be arouse and relatively quick to achieve orgasm. The “spike” arises sharply and drops off just as sharply.

Women are aroused more slowly and after achieving orgasm, tend to remain at a high plateau of arousal before dropping off. These are very different physiological

patterns. No wonder it is a challenge for couples to really experience mutual satisfaction. These differences must be incorporated into the lovemaking process.

The simplest way to do this is, regardless of who initiates the foreplay is for men to focus on pleasuring their wives, bringing them to an initial orgasm before focus is given to bringing the male orgasm. It is also critical for male to understand what will help their wives achieve orgasm. Clitoral stimulation is usually a key component that can make a woman to scream in love during intercourse. Clitoral stimulation is being done mutually by either partner during intercourse

Clitoral stimulation is a key for female orgasm

One of the keys to intimate sex is having orgasm most of the time. For men who are functional okay, the key to feeling like a successful sexual partner as stated earlier, is to pay your wife need first. Focus on her arousal on a being affectionate, on a reasonable period of foreplays, and on bringing her to orgasm first – if you follow these

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