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Starr Fuentes

Reshape Your World with Colors and Sacred Geometry

Light Language

Reshape Your World with Colors And Sacred Geometry


Starr Fuentes


Reshape your World with Colors and Sacred Geometry

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To the Masters in Mexico for the willingness to share their secrets, their time and energy.

Introduction: Expanding Into Light Language 1

Creating Miracles 1

Accessing new Frequencies of Light 2

Light Language and the Evolution of Man 3

Opening the Sacred Teachings to People 4

Part One: The Foundational Elements 7

What is Light Language? 8

The Caught Teaching 8

Communication Beyond Words 9

Communication Above Light Speed 10

Using Light Language 12

Three Universal Laws 12

Always in the Highest Light 13

Reading Light 14

Beginning to Use Light Language 14

The Basic Elements of Light Language 15

Seven Basic Colors 15

The Chakras and Basic Colors 15

Non-verbal Relationship of Colors and Senses 16

Chakra Color Meditation 16

The Basic Geometric Shapes 18

To Form Energies - The Five Basic Shapes 19

Part Two: Visual Vocabulary Key 21

Sacred Geometry Combined with Colors 22

Cube 22

Adding Colors to the Cube 23

Sphere 24

Adding Colors to the Sphere 25

Pyramid 26

Adding Colors to the Pyramid 27

Cones 28

Adding Colors to the Cones 29

Cylinder 32

Adding Colors to the Cylinder 33

The Seven Basic Colors Combined with Sacred Geometry 34

White 34

Purple 35

Blue 36

Green 37

Yellow 38

Orange 39

Red 40

Part Three: How to Apply Light Language 42

Identify Your Subconscious Use of Light Language 43

The Inner View 43

Thought-sphere Exercise 46

Recognize the Colors and Shapes Present in Your Current Experiences 48

Colors and Shapes of Your Emotions 50

Colors and Shapes of Your Mind 51

Colors and Shapes of Your Spirit 52

Emanation of Colored Sacred Geometry 53

Using Your Intention 53

Examining the Possible Results 54

Practice Emanations of Light Language 56

Use of Metallic Shapes 61

Silver Sphere 61

Gold Sphere 61

Use of Metallics Beyond the Sphere 62

Combining Shapes with Gold 63

Combining Shapes with Silver 64

The Grammar of Light Language Functionality of the Shapes Selecting Shape Sequences Personal Grid Example

How the Colors Interact with the Chakras

How the Shapes Interact with the Chakras

Part Four: 7-Shape Grids

Getting Started

Guidelines to Create Grids Adjusting Your Grids

How Your Grids Run

What Do You Have - What Do You Want Shaking Up and Breaking Through Patterns

Personal Grids

Experiment with Grids Worksheet Creating Your Personal Grid Activating Your Personal Grid

Refining Your Personal Grid - An Example

Grid Actions Reviewing Your Grid

Stationary Grids

Creating Your Stationary Grid Activating Your Stationary Grids

Some Grid Rules

7-Shape Grid Dictionary Afterward

Actively Observe Your Reality

Uncomfortability Midwife to the Future

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Introduction: Expanding Into Light Language

In the recent decades of the 20th century, the consciousness on the planet earth began to accelerate more rapidly than before. If you look around, you will notice that, in general, people are a lot more psychic than they were 10 or 20 years ago. This is a result of our evolution from a species focused on using the throat chakra (speaking, listening, and a wide range of communications equipment) to more effective communication by utilizing the third eye (psychic). You may have sensed this shift in energy, and may find yourself seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, or sensing subtle energies more than you have before, and this sense has led you to this book, inspiring you to be curious about Light Language.

If you picked up this book, on some level you already recognize that the time has come to expand your present knowledge to enhance your connection with light. The need to shine light into your mind and body and to envelope yourself in this light is more and more pressing each day. Developing an understanding of light is man’s part as the collective unified energy of the universe evolves. As you grow into such knowing, and begin to use parts of your brain that were previously unknown to you on the conscious level, you will begin to recognize the deeper levels of what actually is, the truth of who you are, and your place in the universe. As you grow into deeper level of consciousness, you can take more responsibility for yourself and for the planet by finding new ways to nurture and utilize our precious resources, and profound peaceful ways to connect with others, honoring each as part of the all there is, was, and will be.

Creating Miracles

Within the teachings passed down to me from my master teachers on five continents, as well as from my own study of science and metaphysics, I have found a common thread — light is the free flowing knowledge that contains the sacred principles and all information of life. The generation of light workers present on planet earth today is serving as an advanced wave of beings that will bridge the gap of time and space to create miracles not thought possible before this time. As a light worker, once you gain the knowledge that thought in its true form is light, it is easy for you to decode the information of time and

space, thereby gaining the clarity and insight needed to relate to others on higher levels. When light enters the auric field it naturally displaces anything that is unlike light, for example; your patterns surface ready to be healed. As each pattern is exposed and healed, higher insights are gained, and a new, lighter way of doing and being emerges. With each pattern you heal, you become closer to recognizing who you are, and clearly witness how the universal laws are at work within you and throughout the universe. As a light worker, when you accumulate knowledge of your own light you become a teacher. The stronger the interaction of man with light becomes, the closer humans are to understanding the imprint of the universe upon the spiritual evolution of man.

Accessing New Frequencies of Light

The inspiration of spirit (enlightenment) can be seen in various creations of the heavy senses in inventions, art and music. The lighter senses also play a part in the creativity being expressed in these things. Man taps into the wave of information held in the light to make manifestations on the physical plane. You are like a radio receiving all of the necessary information to manifest your creations from the light waves. Examining in detail exactly what you are amplifying and broadcasting into time and space will assist you in becoming aware of how much control you already possess in the creation of your own reality, through your very thoughts.

The frequencies all humans emit are like radio waves and everyone has access to an infinite amount of channels. When you become aware of how your choice of “thought” channels are broadcast out and then bounce back into your reality, then you will begin to make appropriate choices in the areas of your life where you recognize that previous choices have served as distractions from what your soul really needs. Now you can make choices based on what is of service in the highest good of all concerned. For example, with recognition and knowledge of your own personal music channel preferences and the music of light within others, you will be able to easily access new music — that is, a much deeper level of light and information — from the worlds of the lighter senses.

Once you become familiar with what the lower frequencies (AM channels) have to offer, you have a natural tendency to seek more clarity from the higher frequencies (FM channels). The FM channels are always broadcasting whether your receiver is tuned to it or not. To be able to receive these frequencies with

more clarity requires fine tuning yourself to light in order to gain the ability to consciously access all the FM band the channels have to offer. Light Language will assist you in accessing new higher frequencies.

Light Language and the Evolution of Man

As humans begin working with higher frequencies of light this is creating a change in the basic evolvement of spiritual man. The change is taking place right now as man moves from using his heavy senses into using his light senses. Humans are not simply physical plane bodies; learning and experiencing the light bodies will help humans surpass the limitations imposed when dwelling in the heavy senses. As humans begin to use the light senses, knowledge of how to read and write light is essential and this can be gained through Light Language. A genuine understanding of light will bring man into a profound conscious connection with the flow of life and strengthen his connection to the source. This enhanced light connection will bring about a subsequent evolution emerging from a naturally higher level of harmony present on this planet and beyond. The knowledge gained by the frequencies of light will help you identify when you are in harmony with the universal laws, and what is not in harmony. By becoming aware of this, you can choose to make shifts and changes to facilitate a higher level of harmony on this planet and beyond. By expanding the number of frequencies you can consciously access, you will multiply the access to the choices of frequencies that are available to other humans as they spiritually expand.

Man has been searching for centuries for his part in the whole of the cosmos. When you as an individual comprehend Light Language, then you will understand what part you play in universal consciousness. Within the grasp of Light Language lies the force that creates our light bodies. Understanding light gives you the keys to open the doors to cellular healing and vitalization of the very atoms that create your body. Enfolded in the Light Language are the states of consciousness that trigger the light senses into micro senses as well as macro senses. The micro senses will examine the very energies of the cells and the macro senses will examine the energies of the galaxies. After acquiring an understanding of how light language works, there are an infinite number of possibilities of light and unimaginable quantities of directions to pursue. Knowledge gives man the choices of what to tune to with his energies. To expand consciousness, become aware of the full spectrum of your radio’s

capability and spread the knowledge that a FM band exists so that all of the light workers may tune into it.

In the great river of light, that runs through you and emanates from all parts of life and the universe, resides the answer to all the questions that you can consciously ask. Knowledge of light will rocket mankind into a new era where the chains that keep the light body bound to the limits of the physical body and the heavier senses will be flung away. A new freedom based in light will provide the force that will connect time and space.

Opening the Sacred Teachings to People

Soon after exploring the limits of the FM band, you will move on, opening up the light to a point where pictures of Light Language will be in the homes, where man is a type of TV, projecting and receiving the “pictures” or common messages. You will no longer need the technical equipment of the 20th century, as it will become outdated.

At the beginning of the 20th century, we saw the revolution in communications. The telephone and other equipment were invented to expand our planetary communication, and as this occurred, man moved into the throat chakra. According to shamans and masters around the world, man has practically completed his spiritual evolution in the throat chakra, and is moving into the third eye chakra. The evidence of this can be clearly seen when you look around at the people you know, and at yourself, and notice how much more psychic you and they are, how much easier it is for you to perceive subtle energies. Whereas twenty years ago, the mainstream western world saw auras, chakras, and the idea of subtle energies as an oddity, this idea is no longer so strange, and the recognition of subtle energies has become mainstream. More and more people are turning to natural and energetic alternatives in their healing process, and it is becoming common knowledge that disease is created on the energetic levels, through our thoughts, rather than simply as a physical symptom. The methods and complexity of communications in the heavy senses have almost run their course. The knowledge that the spiritual evolution of man is advancing into the third eye chakra where the light senses rule and dominate suggests that the progress in man’s spiritual evolution will accelerate based on progress made with light. Present history shows that most growth has been made in the communication areas with the healing areas still growing strong. As the heart and the throat have overlapped, so will the knowledge activated by the throat and the third eye chakras.

As a forerunner of the light work, you will need to explore as many options and possibilities as are available. Much of the available information is being ignored. In the core of the tribes in Mexico the knowledge of Light Language has been handed down for generations. In the last twenty years the tribes have been willing to open their sacred lessons to the people of the light, as they have recognized that now is the time that the people have evolved to the point where Light Language can be used responsibly, and that now is the time when we need this information for our next stages of growth. Respond to this gift by opening your minds to teachings that they granted you access to.

In the intimate structure of an atom we discovered a small burst of energy that we enhanced into a force so powerful that it can destroy the world. In the intimate teachings of the tribes in Mexico, the tools exist to provide a clear comprehension of light that will enable man to explore and know both the inner and the outer galaxies.

Starr Fuentes

Part One

The Foundational Elements

What is Light Language?

Light Language comes from a long, unbroken lineage of Mexican Curanderos, which is descended primarily from the Mayan and Aztec traditions. I first learned Light Language during my three years of study with master teacher, Esperanza. The teachings were handed down from one generation to another from the Mayan and the Aztecs. Today, Light Language is practiced by a small tribe in central Mexico who has held the lineage of this information for generations.

I brought these traditional teachings to the United States and started teaching them in 1990 through my Light Language seminars. Until the publication of this information the language has been kept in its purest form through the oral and caught teachings of one single tribe.

Light Language creates clear messages intentionally transmitted (or emanated) through colored light combined with Sacred Geometry, and the result is a more encompassing language that communicates on the deepest levels of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and beyond, without the need for any interpretation. In general, each thought carries a message traveling from neuron to neuron in the brain where it is transformed into electro-magnetic impulses. These impulses shape the messages into concepts that the conscious mind can comprehend and project into a form of personal reality. Understanding how clear thoughts combined with clear intentions produce messages that will emanate from the brain into the surrounding environment as Light Language, will help you build a greater awareness of what and how you are creating your reality.

The Caught Teaching

Light Language is a “caught” teaching, because it cannot be fully learned by reading or watching a video. This book serve as a foundation for the reader to get a general idea how Light Language works. To fully absorb the caught teaching it is highly recommended that, after reading this information, you attend a workshop taught by one of the many certified Light Language teachers worldwide (for further information see www.lightlanguage.com). The benefit of learning through being in the trained teacher’s presence is that he or she subconsciously receives 10,000 pieces of information per minute out of the teacher’s aura. This is why it is called a “caught” teaching: you can literally catch the material being emanated from the teacher’s aura.

On the conscious level, when reading this you will find out what the shapes and

the colors are, and receives a conscious conceptualization of what they do, and how to set and work with grids. When I learned Light Language, Esperanza would draw the shapes and complex grids in the dirt as she emanated them subconsciously for me. I barely had the opportunity to view and memorize each grid before it was quickly erased and a new grid was drawn. The beginning lessons that Esperanza drew in the sand for me are contained in this book.

The changes within may begin to occur simply by opening this book and reading it. As you are going through the information, know that each page is infused with a particular vibration. Be mindful of the vibrations going on inside and around you. As you open to a particular page, notice the vibration emanating from that page and simply notice the vibrations within you and around you, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

While you have opened the page on the color green, for example, you may simply notice a feeling of freshness. You experience thoughts about your own growth, or the growth of an organization, business, or project. You may sense that a part of you is uncomfortable, as the healing process is activated. Or you may be on a page about the sphere, and notice that there is a lot of activity around you at the moment, or that you are feeling more energetic, or that your thoughts begin to take in a more rounded view of the big picture.

Communication Beyond Words

Light Language is used to create an in-depth understanding of how thoughts and concepts effect or affect our reality. Light Language comprises the building blocks, which are the energies of light and the form that we put the energies into. As you move through personal growth processes, you begin to realize that the amount and type of data about the process is not effectively communicated in mere words. Because of individuality, each person requires specific words to personally activate the process. Light Language is the missing factor to truly manifesting what a person wants and needs to experience, and it also includes an important safety factor in that manifestations created from Light Language must be in alignment with the highest good of all concerned.

Powerful light workers can heal, teach and change with their very presence. This is an example of Light Language at work, with this healers’ very presence, although no words are spoken, their presence is enough to activate permanent changes in the consciousness and reality of others. A light worker who has reached this state is a master.

Much of the information you will read about in Light Language already exists in

your subconscious. Do not be surprised when you find yourself saying, “I knew that,” because as you read, the information will move from your subconscious to your conscious mind.

Communication Above Light Speed

According to the Curanderos, there are speeds above light speed and this is the speed at which our thoughts are created as well as the speed at which Light Language is formed. This is why it is important to be mindful that with Light Language, less is more. For example, you already subconsciously emanating shapes and colors; your conscious intent sets in motion the subconscious emanation of the colored shapes faster than you can think. You will learn that by not striving to visualize or concentrate too hard about it, you will achieve optimal results in the creation of your reality.

Light Language Rule: LESS IS MORE. Light Language works faster than light speed. We do not need to visualize the colored geometries or spend a lot of time on creating them. Spending too much time trying to visualize a shape distorts and weakens it. Simply think of the shape or sequence with the intention of emanating it, and allow your subconscious and aura to form the shape.

As you emanate a particular colored shape, you create its resonance in your own auric field or in the aura or place where you send the colored shape. When you emanate the vibratory energies of the shape, this emanation resonates with similar energies in your outer and inner worlds magnetizing these energies to you. Light Language is used as a tool and by learning the practice you will magnetize to yourself that which you wish to create by selecting the shapes and colors that resonate most with your desired outcome.

Less than one percent of the light on the planet is being used physically. Less than one percent of the light on the planet is used emotionally/spiritually. Light is a valuable resource that can be programmed and used to create desired outcomes. Learning Light Language gives you conscious control of your reality. Light is the ultimate form of energy and is available to you ALL the time!

Once you have learned to identify the speeds beyond light speed, you can consciously slow down the light as it moves through you, then your guides and memories will have the opportunity to show you what to do in most situations. In your subconscious mind is the Light Language for everything that you know. For example, if you are a victim of sexual abuse and have done your work to let that stop affecting your life, then you know sexual abuse at one level. If you have led groups or done seminars on sexual abuse, then you know it at another level. If you have spent time with healers, or someone who models prosperity, or another person who inspires you,

then your subconscious mind has absorbed the Light Language that is present in the auric field of these people. In other words, you have just received a “download” of how this person has created and lived into these different experiences, and the information that you need has been ingested so that you can create similar experiences in your life if you choose.

Learning history in school means that that information exists at some level in our consciousness; however, unless we are passionate about history, it will not remain in the forefront of our experiences. The parts of our life experiences that hold the most interest for us are often the areas where we are strongest in using Light Language. As you read this material, and do the exercises, watch for information about what you already “know”, because you will be astounded at the number of times this happens.

Using Light Language

Light Language is responsible for forming and re-forming any blocks or obstacles within your aura. This is a form of communication with spirit and it knows what you want to resonate with in life. Spirit then feeds you either the energy that you are resonant with, or, if you are disconnected, spirit will bring what you need, in the form of lessons, to balance you.

To be in a space where the powerful aspects of Light Language work most efficiently, your conscious mind needs to be in agreement with what is explained in the following.

Three Universal Laws

1. Your thoughts create your reality :

Every thought you have radiates outward into the environment and attracts back like energies. This is how you create your reality. For example, a deeply ingrained experience, such as the health of a parent, can create the thought forms that either light up the parent’s disease that is in your DNA, or not light up that disease. If you direct the frequency of your thoughts to health, rather than fearing your parents’ disease, then the chances are high that you will not activate that gene in your own DNA.

2. You are 100% responsible for your reality :

Whether you are conscious of it or not, all that exists in your life right now, you have attracted to you. Blaming others for your reality or the situations that challenge you is a form of giving away your power, and not taking responsibility or ownership of your creations. Responsibility acknowledges that somehow, some way, consciously or subconsciously, you have radiated the energy outward to magnetize the very vibration of the exact situation you are in right now. This includes all things that are present in your reality and the current relationships you are experiencing.

3. As above, so below:

What happens on the spiritual planes eventually manifests into form on the physical plane. Whatever is happening in your outer world is exactly what is happening in your inner world. For example, if you have a difficult time loving yourself, and establishing healthy boundaries in your relationships, then you will also have a difficult time loving others or letting others love you.

These three principles are Universal Laws. Choosing to live with the laws and by the laws are two different states. Many universal laws exist and all are in operation no matter what you think. Free will always takes precedence over any method or law. If you are unaware of these universal laws, then spirit will send you messages in the form of lessons to make you aware that a law has been broken. If you are conscious of the laws, then it becomes easier to create and identify precisely what you want and need. With awareness, you can use these laws to your benefit.

Always In the Highest Light

Modern therapies and techniques work with removing the blocks or clearing the perception of the experiences, thereby releasing them from the lower subtle bodies (the denser layers of the auric field). In my decades of working with Light Language, I have come to discover that when what is in the higher bodies changes first, then the lower bodies will shift to resonate with the changes in the energies that have occurred above.

Light Language works with light, aligning at the highest vibration. Therefore, universal safety factors exist. Because it is working with light, it cannot be used against the free will of another person. If a person attempts to use Light Language to harm someone or go against another person’s free will, either consciously or subconsciously, the grid will dissipate, because the intention set is not in alignment with the light. Any attempt to go against the highest light will nullify and void the grid, wasting time and energy. Light Language naturally takes into account and honors each person’s free will. You, and everyone else, are responsible for creating all aspects of our individual realities. With free will, either consciously or subconsciously, you choose or don’t choose to have an energy, event, or experience in your life. Every step of the way, on some level you are making a choice.

For example, if you have a crush on somebody, and want that person to love you, it would be out of integrity for you to send that person a shape and color that you think would make him or her love you. Your intention in this action would be going against the other person’s free will choice. However, the beauty of Light Language is, that even if you did send a shape and color to a person with the intention of making that person love you, it would not work, because it would be interfering with the other person’s free will.

Light Language works only in alignment with free will. When a colored shape or a grid is sent or emanated, and it is out of alignment with a person’s free will or is not emanated with the highest good of all concerned, it will simply bounce off the person’s aura and be dissipated. Literally the person decides on the subconscious level not to accept that particular colored shape or grid, and so it is not absorbed into his or her


Reading Light

Our conscious mind is like the tip of an iceberg. On the subconscious level, that part of the iceberg below the surface of the water is massive, indicating how, below the surface, we all already know everything. Subconsciously, everyone sees the aura and reads Light Language. Even if you are not consciously aware of your ability to read auras, there are some obvious indications of this in the subtlest use of language. In English, there are numerous phrases that describe the color of a person’s aura. One example is “seeing red”. When a person “sees red”, she/he is expressing anger, and literally her/his aura turns red. When someone describes that person as seeing red, she/he is literally subconsciously seeing the red in the angry person’s aura. When a person is “green with envy” their aura turns a dirty green, and everybody can see this on the subconscious level. We also have phrases that describe the geometries in a person’s aura. When we say that someone is “boxed in”, for example, we are literally describing the cubes we subconsciously see in that person’s aura. When we say that a person is “well-rounded”, we are seeing the spheres in that person’s aura.

Beginning to Use Light Language

Now that you have a general idea of what Light Language is, in the pages to come, you will receive primary information about the elements of Light Language, and about sacred geometry and colors. You will also complete several exercises and create your first grid. During a Light Language seminar, the teacher, through her/his presence, would activate your auric field and would be there to guide through the different chapters and the integration process and to answer your questions. It is important that you complete all of the exercises before you create your grid, especially since you will not have the benefit of having the material modeled for you through a teacher’s presence.

The Basic Elements of Light Language

Light Language uses shapes and colors. Each color resonates with specific conditions on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. For example, red on the physical plane gives action, on the mental plane it gives activity, on the emotional plane it activates the strongest emotion present and on the spiritual plane it activates the soul contract. In Light Language, each color functions to bring the area that it touches into resonance with itself. Once a color resonates, then anything at that frequency is activated.

There is no need to memorize the colors, because your subconscious mind possesses the knowledge to know what wavelength and shade of color to produce. Read these simple definitions, without thinking or trying to memorize, keeping in mind “LESS IS MORE” is rule when using Light Language.

Seven Basic Colors

The seven colors we will use, when we begin with Light Language, are:

RED: The physical plane, action, activity, vitality, movement, stimulation. ORANGE: Procreation, co-creation, facilitates things work together, bonds. YELLOW: Clarity, active intelligence, intuition, direction, focus.

GREEN: Balance, healing, new growth.

BLUE: Communication, re-vitalization, relaxation, flow.

PURPLE: Spirituality, wisdom, psychic knowing.

WHITE: Purity, connection, enlightenment.

The Chakras and Basic Colors

In Light Language the energies of the chakras are affected by the combination of the applied colors and the sacred geometries you will learn to emanate. You will gain knowledge about how to place the colors and shapes in the individual chakras. This creates the stimulus for specific manifestations on the various planes.

In Light Language the following system of seven chakras and their colors is applied:

1st CHAKRA (red) — survival, life force.

2nd CHAKRA (orange) — creation, co-creation.

3rd CHAKRA (yellow) — intuition, clarity.

4th CHAKRA (green) — love, bridge between the physical and spiritual.

5th CHAKRA (blue) — communication.

6th CHAKRA (purple) — a knowing, psychic energies.

7th CHAKRA (white) — connection to your higher power.

Non-verbal Relationship of Colors and Senses

A non-verbal relationship exists between the colors and the senses. This non- verbal communication can be noticed in obvious body language, such as when someone is red experiencing anger or embarrassment. Based on our natural tendency to process information with the five physical senses, we may hear anger in the tone of someone’s voice, or feel their anger by being uncomfortable in their presence; we may smell their anger by picking up on sour smells in the room.

If you are a visual person, it is natural that you will relate to color through your eyes. Building your awareness of color with your other senses as well is beneficial to fully experience how these relationships exist and interact at the electromagnetic octaves of all the five physical senses. Do the following meditation which is designed to awaken your conscious mind to the color and aura vibration with each of the five senses – sight, taste, sound, smell, and touch.

Chakra Color Meditation


See: A party around a campfire, the sun setting.

Taste: Tomato juice, strawberries.

Hear: Hot rock´n roll music with your feet stomping wildly on the ground.

Smell: Meat on the grill.

Feel: The heat of glowing coals.


See: An evening with your loved one with flickering candles.

Taste: Freshly cut melon and papaya wedges.

Hear: Tina Turner singing.

Smell: The sweat of dancers.

Feel: Yourself lying on a mattress, with a romantic interest’s arms around you.


See: A meeting outside in the city with a business associate, the sun shining brightly.

Taste: Lemon sherbet, champagne.

Hear: The piccolo playing in the symphony, the sound of paper rustling, ice cubes clanging against the glass.

Smell: Freshly cut bananas.

Feel: The sun on your face.


See: A picnic on the grass with your family.

Taste: Lime juice, guacamole, green salad with cucumbers and herbs.

Hear: Frogs croaking, crickets singing.

Smell: Fresh basil, leeks, parsley.

Feel: Soft moss under your feet.


See: A clear lake in the Himalayas.

Taste: Fresh blueberries.

Hear: Blues music.

Smell: Crisp mountain air.

Feel: Your feet in a pool of cool water.


See: A temple meditation.

Taste: A sip of water.

Hear: Tibetan bowls.

Smell: Sandalwood incense.

Feel: Yourself inside.


See: White clouds in the sky.

Taste: Whipped cream.

Hear: Silence.

Smell: Cold night air in the snow-covered mountains.

Feel: The endless space of the universe.

The Basic Geometric Shapes

In the beginning of your study of Light Language you will use the sphere and the pyramid. These two shapes are powerful and unique sacred geometries, with their own individual characteristics. Furthermore you will be working with two main categories of sacred geometries:

The Platonic Solids: Plato taught about five three-dimensional shapes that meet these parameters: all faces are the same, all sides and angles of all the faces are equal, and there are no indentations. These shapes eventually became known as the Platonic solids. All physical matter is composed of Platonic solids or partial Platonic solids as evidenced in the modern day periodic table. In Light Language, the platonic solids form the basis of the energy shapes that are used in the manifestation process. The Platonic solid that we will work with in this book is the cube.

The Transitory Shapes: These shapes function like a vehicle, in that they transport energies from one place to another, and are usually used in combination with other shapes. The transitory shapes we will use are three types of cones and the cylinder.

The cone requires an additional, non-transitory shape in order to stabilize the energies. The cylinder is stable without the addition of another non-transitory shape.

To Form Energies – The Five Basic Shapes

Each shape draws to itself a precise energy that is modified further by the addition of color. In Light Language, the sacred geometry of the shapes forms a container and a boundary for the energy. Each of these shapes shows a behavior that mirrors the purpose and the meaning of that shape in the physical world. There is a deep numerological meaning in the number of corners, the number of faces, or the number of edges to the face that can give indications as to how the shape will contain and form the flow of energy. For example:

  • Triangular faces integrate.

  • Square faces block.

  • Pentagonal faces produce change.

In mathematics, when you add two numbers together, you get a specific result. In Light Language, the combining of two or more shapes also delivers a specific result. For example:

  • Place a pyramid after a cube to integrate the energies which have already been stabilized by the cube.

  • Place a megaphone cone after a sphere to amplify the movement created by the sphere.

The next section contains specific information about the functions of each of the shapes that you will be using to create your first grids. As you read about the shapes, remember that “Less Is More”, and there is no need to memorize the definitions.

Part Two

Visual Vocabulary Key

Sacred Geometry Combined with Colors

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