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Seduce Me Bad Boy

CeCe Fox

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Table of Contents

Bad Boy Ménage

First Time with a Bad Boy

Bad Boy’s Possession

Bad Boy Seduction

Bad Boy Ménage

I had no idea going into the bar that night what would happen.

I never expected to the feel those two sexy bodies trapping me, fondling me, giving me endless raw pleasure.

I never wanted it to stop.

“So, you’ll come with me tonight then, Ella?”

I yawn, then give a nod that Shaun can’t see over the phone.

“I guess so.” I finally relent, kicking my legs up onto the desk in front of me.

My cellphone dangles precariously from my fingers, my head tipped back to stare at the ceiling instead of the massive mound of homework I still needed to get done. College was officially kicking my ass.

I needed a break.

Even if it was a biker bar with Shaun.

I’d never been to one before, but my best friend and dorm roommate had been begging me ever since we moved to the city to go to school. He was all about checking out new people, but I didn’t think I’d fit in at all.

I was a scrawny little eighteen year old girl. What would someone like me be doing at a biker bar?

“We’ll leave at eight.” I can hear the blond man’s beaming grin in the happy lilt of his voice, “And you best be ready to party, girl!”

The professor of the class Shaun was in began to speak, drowning out my roommate’s voice as he gave a quick goodbye before the line went dead.

We’d been roomies for a year and best friends forever. People used to tease us all the time about dating when we were younger, but now that we were in college it had died down a bit. Plus, I was somewhat sure that Shaun was more interested in cock than pussy.

I toss my phone lightly onto the cluttered desk, yawning again as the monitor of my laptop fell asleep, going pitch black.

A biker bar, huh?

I couldn’t imagine why Shaun wanted me to go with him so badly. Would it be weird or awkward for me? I’d seen those places in movies, with the smoky air and the fights on top of pool tables.

At least it would be better than hanging out in the dorm. Maybe.

Shrugging, I pull my legs back down onto the floor of my dorm, absently gazing at the pile of papers before me. There was no way I was going to be able to finish any of it before class. I’d procrastinated way too long.

Typical me. The very least I could do was not be late for the professor’s class.

Hastily, I toss my things into my backpack, throwing it over my shoulder as I walk out of the dorm. The living room that Shaun and I share is spotless, though it’s me who’s the neat freak. Shaun could live in a literal pigsty and be happy.

His door is open, showing off his vast collection of dirty clothes littering his floor. His bed is unmade, though he only has one blanket and now sheets at all. At least he doesn’t leave grungy bowls of food everywhere.

The walk to class is short and easy, the warm breeze soaking over bare my shoulders as I pass over cobbled sidewalks and between tall brick buildings. I’m glad that I’d chosen the floaty white off shoulder crop top. It was too hot to wear much clothing.

When I get to the building where my class is, the professor is standing by the door.

“Afternoon, Ella.” He announces, his voice gruff and deep.

He looks at me, his strong dark brow slightly furrowed like he knows I haven’t done my homework. In his hands, he holds the papers already turned in by the other students, “I see you’ve really taken to arriving at the last possible second.”

Professor Liam was tall, his muscles rippling under the light blue polo just a size too small for his sturdy frame. It was impossible not to stare at him the entire time he lectured, he was so freakin’ sexy. I’d never been one to be too interested in men or dating, but the professor was on a whole other level of attraction. The guy must practically live at the gym.

Liam rustles the papers in his hands pointedly, frown twitching on the corners of his lips. I’d never seen him smile before, not even when I actually managed to turn in my homework.

“Uh. I ran out of time.” I mumble, averting my eyes.

Liam always made me feel shy, for whatever reason. His eyes are so blue they look like they’re carved from blocks of ice. Against his caramel face, they radiate like cerulean beacons.

“You didn’t complete your task?” He asks, voice a faint growl as I shake my head.

The man doesn’t say anything past that, jerking his finger over his shoulder so that I quickly bumble past him into the classroom. He’s an all work and no play type of guy. I can respect that, but I doubt he ever does anything fun.

The lecture hall is huge, brimming with students. How Liam remembers anyone’s name is a miracle to me.

Neck burning with shame, I slink into one of the back seats, glancing up as Liam passes by. He doesn’t look at me, but my eyes linger down his body as he walks past. I find myself mesmerized by his powerful stride, by the way his eyes seem to see everything and everyone.

Like he can see right down into my soul.

Something brewed inside of me, deep and hot. I shift in my seat, yanking my backpack onto my lap as I try to pretend to be distracted by something within the nearly empty bright blue backpack. I bite back a moan as the heat rises higher inside of me, like boiling water overflowing a pot.

What was going on with me?

Maybe that coffee I had this morning was spiked with something weird… that had to be it.

Professor Liam spoke from the front of the lecture hall, his voice cutting through the chatter of students more careless than I. I shrink down into my seat, gripping the backpack more forcefully against me like it was a jetpack and I could just take off into the sky. But I was afraid to move and someone see the damp spot on my jeans where the abrupt desire had left its mark.

The people beside me stare straight ahead, not even noticing how much I fidget around in the uncomfortable plastic chair. My core throbs abruptly inside me as Liam continues speaking, until I can no longer breathe and my chest feels tight and hot.

“-you alright?”

I suck in a sharp breath through my burning lungs as Liam’s blue eyes narrow on me like a spotlight.

“What?” I wince, voice strained and hoarse.

I can feel beads of sweat on my forehead, dripping slowly down my temples. My blood courses like fire in my veins, black spots dancing in front of my eyes.

“I said, Ella, are you alright? You look rather pale.”

That customary frown is back on the man’s face. He sets down the files he’d been holding, beginning to travel up the aisle of the lecture hall towards where I sat. Every powerful step he takes makes my body pulse more and more until I can no longer stay sitting.

Abruptly, I hurtle to my feet, backpack still clenched in front of me, and dash as fast as I can out of the hall.

Whipping around corners, I throw myself into the nearest girl’s bathroom, careening into the stall and locking the door of the thankfully empty restroom. I can’t get my pants off fast enough, letting them fall down between my ankles.

My hand thrusts itself down against the sheer cotton fabric of my thong, my clit so swollen that it almost hurts to press my fingers against the sensitive flesh. Silent curses leap to my tongue as I collapse against the shoddy stall wall, the quaking of the metal not enough to distract me from the desperate throbbing of raw desire welling painfully inside my body.

With my hand gliding up and down against my slit, one finger pressing hurriedly inside of me, it felt as though my bones were melting the pleasure was so mind-blowingly intense. My brain was empty, my body sizzling as my hand stroked faster and faster. I squeezed my eyes shut, fireworks dancing along the closed lids until convulsions of pleasure ricocheted through me so roughly that I skittered backwards, collapsing onto the closed toilet lid.

My body rocked, head falling backwards, hand still lazily stroking my pussy as I fiercely bit back the loud moans of pleasure biting at my lips.

When finally the waves of ecstasy began to fade, my eyes cracked back open, squinting in the bright light of the bathroom.

Glancing under the stall and making sure there’d been no witnesses to my explosive pleasure, I washed up and escaped from the bathroom as quickly as I could. Unwilling to run into the professor, I took the back paths from the building. When I burst back outside, the air was cooler than I remembered.

By the time I got back to the dorm, intent on laying on my bed and closing my eyes and ignoring what had just happened to me, Shaun was cooking up some boxed mac and cheese on the stove.

“Hey, Ella!” He announced as I walk through the door, “How was Liam’s class?”

“What?” I snap, startled.

Could he tell by the look on my face that I’d skipped it to get myself off in the bathroom?

“…You had that midterm report due today.” He shrugs, eyebrows lifting towards his blond hairline, “You didn’t get much sleep last night, did ya? You look pale as shit.”

That was it. That had to be it. I was so off today because I was exhausted.

Shoulders finally relaxing, I lean against the counter and inhale the scent of preservatives and fake, delicious cheese byproduct as Shaun spoons it into two bowls and passes one to me.

I really must look like shit though. Shaun never shares.

“Yeah, I’m just tired.” I shrug.

“Don’t think that’ll get you out of partying tonight!” He teases back with a lopsided grin, “It’s going to be insane.”


Shaun just winks, leaning against the kitchen counter as he stuffs a huge mouthful of the macaroni between his lips. How he manages to eat nothing but carbs and still keep a muscled figure, I’d never know. I could practically feel each bite of noodle setting right on my hips.

Shaun was the epitome of surfer boy, even though we lived so far in state barely anyone at our college had seen the ocean. His long blond hair was permanently sun kissed, even in the snowy depths of winter.

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