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Taming the Office Shrew


Sasha Vogue

Coyright 2015 Sasha Vogue

All Rights Reserved

"I'm telling you again, you're incompetent! Now get out of my face!" Janice Walker barked. The intern cringed and with muttered apologizes nearly ran from her stern gaze. The buxom woman smiled at the retreating young man. She loved to watch them squirm. She crossed her legs under the desk, enjoying the feeling of her black nylons rubbing together on her shapely legs. She coughed and took off the gray coat that matched her skirt. She needed to calm down, yelling at the dimwits that worked in her office wasn't going to get her out of there any earlier that night.

She'd been staying late every night for the past month. She'd been with the firm ten years, as soon as she'd graduated from college, and in all that time the partners had never managed to find her an assistant for longer than a few weeks. Recently they'd resorted to unpaid college interns. This new one, was his name really Buzz? This new one was the worst of the lot. He had a tendency to stammer and blush whenever she yelled at him. She'd had to yell at all her assistants. It wasn't her fault – they were all just incompetent.

"So much for my social life," she said wryly as she prepared to spend several more hours at her cubicle. Her coworkers passed her by on their way home, though none so much as glanced at her, let alone said goodbye. The women had hated her from day one, and the men? Sure she was a pretty woman, more than pretty, even! She had long, curly brown hair, bright blue eyes that shone even through her glasses, and what's shed been told was a sweet face. She'd put on a few extra pounds since college, but in all the right places. She filled out her business suit well, with large, firm breasts, a trim waist and wide curvy hips. She had a generous bottom, the kind most men claimed to adore. After she'd shot down a few of the fools who'd propositioned her in the office, none of the men would give her the time of day either.

She rolled up the sleeves of her stark white blouse and got to work. The sun dipped below the horizon, plunging the otherwise empty office into darkness. Only a pool of golden light around her work space shone on the quiet office floor. At least it was peaceful and she could get some work done. She gave a start when she heard the elevator open down the hall, followed by laughing voices. She checked her watch.

"Ten-Twenty?" she groaned in disbelief, and her belly rumbled delicately. It must be the cleaners coming. High time for her to get out of there. She slipped her small feet into her trusty black pumps and gathered her purse. She heard the sound of a woman's laugh, high and giggling.

"Hush, now, let's get into one of the offices," a man said. Curious, Janice walked softly to the corner of the hallway and peeked around. They were the cleaners all right, she recognized their blue denim uniforms. The woman was small, with short blonde hair and a compact little body, by her accent she was Russian or Eastern European. The man was quite the specimen, tall and dark, with shoulders like a linebacker and the million dollar smile of a politician. He had his arms around her little waist, and she stared up at him with lust in her eyes.

Janice ducked back so they wouldn't spot her and waited a little longer. It irritated her that the janitors used their time canoodling instead of cleaning like they were supposed to! She had half a thought to give them a piece of her mind, but she didn't want to cause a scene. She frowned and resisted the urge to tap her foot impatiently. She could hear the sounds of them kissing, pretty aggressively from amount of lip-smacking going on. She shuddered and stilled herself. After a moment, Janice heard keys rattle and the couple slipped into one of the offices.

"About time," she muttered. The floor was tiled in front of the elevators, and they might be able to hear her heels. She took them off, hooking them in her fingers before padding out onto the cold floor.

"That's it, that's my good little slut. Open up wide and suck my dick for me!" the man groaned, and Janice's blue eyes went wide. She was an office manager at a high dollar accounting firm, young and beautiful, and hadn't been laid in over a year. But these two working class idiots rutted like rabbits! They'd left the door to the office slightly ajar, and golden light poured out into the hall. Janice couldn't resist a quick peek.

She nearly gave herself away with a squeak, and covered her mouth quickly. The man leaned against the desk, still fully clothed, but the little blonde knelt at his feet, completely nude. She worked her hands up and down between his legs and gazed up at him a look of utter worship on her cute face. "Yes, Master, I love sucking your cock!" she said.

"Of course you do, Roxanna," he chuckled. His big hands guided the top of her head lower to his manhood. Janice stepped a bit closer, leaning against the door frame to get a better look. The girl opened her mouth wide and took in the purple crown of his cock. She had to open wide. The janitor's cock was staggeringly huge. She squinted, trying to get a better look at it before the girl's lips sank too low on the fat, veiny shaft.

"Like what you see?" the man asked. Janice jumped, he was staring at her, a smirk on his handsome face. His hair was cut very short, and his jaw dark with unshaved stubble. He wouldn't have looked out of place on a magazine cover.

"What?" Janice jumped back, panting. She shook her head, hearing the man laugh behind her. She had to get out of there. Tomorrow, she would call the cleaning company and report those two! She padded quickly to the elevator pressing the down button furiously.

"Oh don't go a away mad!" the man called after her. Janice could hear the woman murmuring as she waited for the elevator. "Don't talk. Suck, Roxanna," the man admonished her.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. "I'm reporting you!" Janice called over her shoulder as she stepped in and hit the button to close the doors as fast as she could. She could still hear the slurping sounds the woman made from the elevator, and sighed in relief when the doors finally closed and the lift began to move. It wasn't until she stepped out into the lobby at the ground floor that she realized her panties were soaking wet.

The image of that arrogant stud smirking at her replayed over and over in her mind as she drove to her small, tidy apartment. What had that woman called him? Master? To think, in this day and age! She sped up along the empty streets, her heart racing. As soon a she arrived she ran up the steps and burst into her apartment. She threw her purse on the couch and stripped as she went straight to her bedroom.

She didn't approve of what she'd seen. The way he treated the girl was a chauvinistic throwback in this day and age. She lay back on her bed, her hands seeking her pussy. She moaned long and loud as her delicate fingers slipped inside of herself and teased her aching clit. It was shameful and disgusting, but...she hadn't touched a man in so long!

* * * * *

Janice was quiet the next day. She hadn't even bitten anyone's head off by the time they all, once again, filed out of the office promptly at 5 o'clock. She'd even held her tongue when Buzz had screwed up another memo.

"Goodnight, Janice," the kid smiled shyly as he passed. She forced herself to return it, the expression feeling unnatural on her lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she managed, her voice quiet. It's not that she didn't want to dress the fool down, but she just didn't have the energy. She'd been awake half the night, lost in fantasy. She'd dressed to the nines that day, in a sleeveless red peplum top with a plunging neck and tight sheath of a black pencil skirt that hugged her hips and legs down to her shapely calves. She normally wore her hair up, but today she let her long curly brown locks loose around her pale shoulders. She'd taken extra care with her make up as well, and broke her trend of conservatism and wore deep red lipstick.

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