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Girl of my Dreams

Copyright 2017 by Mary Suzanne

Smashwords Edition


Mitch Wade sat at his desk in the small office of the accounting firm of Stern-Becker and Associates. After finishing typing in the rest of the information from his accounting sheet onto the computer, he saved the information into a file.

While he worked, he heard voices in the office next to him. The walls were paper thin and if you didn’t want your privacy invaded by other workers, you kept your conversations low and casual.

He leaned back in his chair trying not to eavesdrop, but Mitch found it difficult not to hear what his fellow workers talked about that afternoon. It didn’t seem as if they minded anyone listening in on them as their voices boomed right into where he sat.

“Did you hear about the train the city of New York just purchased with bedroom cars for trips longer than a day? I heard the railroad line is taking reservations for a mini ride ending on New Year’s Day. After over hearing conversation on the subway, I heard that reservations were going to fill up fast.”

“Is that right? A brand new train that will hold a party and celebrate the holiday, plus renting out bedroom cars?” the other man asked sounding skeptical. “That sounds like one helleva party to me.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking of making reservations and taking Pam for a night of debauchery,” the first man laughed. “I have a visual in my head of all the passionate couplings going on in those little train compartments on a moving train at night. Times are sure changin.” Laughter filled the office after his last statement.

Mitch felt curious listening to the two talking. This would be the perfect opportunity to ask Natalie if she’d like to spend New Year’s Eve with him even though they had only dated twice. He wasn’t sure if they had the makings of a lasting relationship, but he certainly liked her looks.

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