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a burning desire

By B.L. Madame

She had a burning desire of knowing what she wanted, what she needed that was working its way up from her groins. She had never felt this much passion and need in her entire adult life. She had had many lovers and many relationships that she thought she was getting what her body was saying it wanted. It wasn’t till after she wasn’t getting any of that, that she realized just how bad she was needing to be needed, wanted, caressed … you know all the things any woman would want in their sex life.


Emilia, a 30-year-old single woman, thought she had everything she needed and wanted in life. And it wasn’t till recent when she realized what she was wanting and needing were different. Her life was about to change and she didn’t even know it.

Emilia had no idea that there was more out there besides the normal vanilla sex that her and her lovers had been having. She had never learned or knew there was more hard-core stuff until she had read the back of a newly released romance/kink novel at her local bookstore.

Curious, she started looking this stuff she was reading up online and learning as much as she could about the different types of sex and kink that were out there. As she kept learning and seeing what there was her desires grew deeper and deeper. Her wants were more than she could have ever thought could have been imaginable.

She had spent a couple weeks looking up this and that in all the different genres of sex and had even taken a couple beginner courses in female domination and being a mistress. She had no idea as a female, she could have this much power and control over another person, let alone that much yearning building up inside of her as she kept reading and researching.

She decided to take her learning to the next level and joined a couple of clubs for this new stuff she had been learning.


Emilia had gone out and bought herself a bunch of new clothes that she had seen in the videos she had been watching. She had gotten a new leather outfit that showed her cleavage well and pushed her perfectly round D breast up for the world to see. The outfit was complete ensembled with a corset with matching panties, stockings that had an opening to be able to see her new panties, black leather gloves that went to her elbows and a pair of thigh high stilettos. She thought she had everything she needed for her first night out to one of her new risqué clubs.

She showed up at 8pm when the doors opened and went and got settled onto a bar stool to assess her surroundings. She ordered herself a drink and waited for more club members to arrive. As she sat there waiting and decided to order herself another drink and was starting to feel a little vulnerable, more members of the club had arrived. There were members in all black latex, or wearing black masks, collars and dog chains attached being led by woman in latex or leather outfits. Starting to feel a little overdressed she decided to ask the bartender what she was supposed to do and that she was new there. He told her to just wait, someone will come and get her when the time was right.

As she sat there she noticed a tall, slender gentleman at the end of the bar staring in her direction. He had the look of dominance and control, moving around the floor like he was floating on air. As he went from one member to another he finally made his way to her. Emilia swallowed hard and thought of asking for another drink. She watched the other members mingle and react to one another. Watching how they mingled and reacted to each other started to arouse Emilia and her drinks were helping her relax and made her eager to learn more. As the gentleman approached her she shifted in her seat to be able to acknowledge him and start conversation. He introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Duke, is this your first time here, haven’t seen you in here before.” “Yes, my name is Emilia, I just joined this club and another, and just wanting to learn about everything that goes on in these places.”

Duke grabbed her by the hand and told her to come with him he would introduce her to everyone. As they went from member to member she thought to herself that this was all definitely different and of course had no clue about that this stuff was out here till now. Duke introduced her to the Head Mistress Shana. He explained to her “Shana is the one who started the club for everyone to have a place to go to and get to know everyone else in the Dominant/Submissive world”. Shana told Duke she would finish showing Emilia around and show her the ropes.

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