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Dog-Date Daughter

(Holly & Her Dad Meet New Friends)


Patricia Anne Spenser

Copyright © 2017 Endearment Press

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WARNING: All characters are 18-years-old or older. Dog-Date Daughter is part of The Taboo Fun Series, focusing on teen incest, bestiality, anal sex, gangbangs and pussy licking, and is for adults only. If you’re not at least 18, go away! Adult fans, please enjoy.

Dog-Date Daughter

(Holly & Her Dad Meet New Friends!)

Nothing is sicker than incest, but that's why it gets me so worked up.

My pussy's always wet, my asshole’s always willing, and my nipples and clit are always on ‘triple-alert’ for that taboo sensation. When I’m in that particular mood, even just thinking about it, I’ll basically service any hard cock someone sticks in my mouth.

Or slides into my slippery pussy. Or works up my little butt.


Less than a month after I turned eighteen, I experimented with many of the girls in my dorm at Remington University-West, especially at the alcohol-binged but unofficial ‘pussy licking’ and ‘vibrator parties’ that took place most nights. It turned out I had an oral fixation that wouldn’t quit—I loved using my mouth on other girls’ cunts.

I also discovered I loved making guys come with my mouth! And I loved swallowing it, too, their cum, getting it all over my face and my chin and licking it off my lips or my fingers while they watched.

I even found myself the drunken ‘guest of honor’ at a frat party gangbang, where I came so many times I lost count. I was later told I’d fucked over a dozen stiff-dicked students, most of them taking two or three turns on me. Near the end of the night, I did a double-penetration with two teenaged brothers that got me so excited I pissed all over when we all three came at the same time.

I got a round of applause for that.

I'll do anything to achieve sexual pleasure.


It was that very summer I started spending a lot of time with my dad, who was then only 38-years-old, a handsome man with dark hair and deep brown eyes much like mine. But where he was tall and athletic, I was only 5’3” and a supposedly perfect 100 pounds, just enough to have a rubbery firm little ass and some perky, bouncy boobs.

I also had a face most people said was innocent, one which caused many to think I was such a good girl. Little did they know. I mean, obviously, I was, like, one the biggest sluts in the entire school, and that was really saying something.

My mother divorced my father many years earlier and he traveled constantly for his job, from New York all the way south to Florida. Since I was on break for the summer, my dad asked me along, to travel with him. So he could get to know me better. And did he ever!

It turned out to be the most fun imaginable!

My father soon said I was the squirmiest little fuck he’d ever had. With the hottest little slippery cunt anywhere, and with the most perfect little rubbery bare ass to match! Especially when he had his big dick buried all the way up my asshole.

Of course, he’s my dad—he has to say stuff like that! I mean, what dad wouldn’t?

And, as you can probably guess from what I mentioned at the beginning:

I can’t get enough incest fun!


Yes, I was seriously into fucking my dad, in any and all positions, my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

My favorite position, in fact, at many of the motels we frequented that summer, was hanging onto the bottom edge of the headboard with both hands raised over my head and arching my skinny back with my knees spread wide, while my dad simply fucked me like crazy.

Nothing complicated, just hanging on tightly with both hands for the sake of stability, my bare little ass on two pillows for deeper penetration, and digging my heels into the bed for better traction.

Once, at a Roadside Inn, I got so carried away I pulled the solid wooden headboard attached to the wall off the wall and down on top of us! Who knew it was just hanging there!? That was scary, but we ended up sliding off the bed together and finishing on the floor. My dad wanted to stop, to see if I was okay (it klonked me on the head), or at least put the headboard back on the wall, but I managed to get the full length of his slippery hard cock right back into my throbbing little slit in no time.

My hands knew exactly what to do with his stiff dick, in just such an emergency. I was that close to coming, after all.

“Don’t stop fucking me, Daddy! Please don’t stop! Please!

His thrusting dick felt so good in me, I wouldn't let my dad stop fucking me until we were both done! I ended up with minor carpet burns on my bare little ass from squirming around so much on the floor, but it was worth it.

And, like I expected, I came really hard that time!

Anyway, even though I hadn’t gone to a private or a religious high school before college, my father loved the idea of those sexy little school uniforms the girls always wore, so he bought me one. Just the bottom part, actually, the navy plaid skirt and navy knee socks and even the little patent leather shoes with the strap.

Whenever I wore it for him, I left off my panties and blouse, but added a band-aid on my knee and put pretty blue ribbons in my long brown hair. He loved my bare little titties, too. He'd kiss and suck on my pointy pink nipples until they were even more pointy and poking out. Of course, I'd be breathing hard and trembling with anticipation by then—I knew my deliciously wet pussy was next!

And he loved my pussy even more than my bare little titties.

I always got so sexually excited holding myself open for him with my fingers, showing him everything, even squatting over him so that my perfectly-waxed pussy and tight little asshole were right over his face.

Also, my clitoris was always very prominent, and overly sensitive, sticking out beyond its little fleshy hood. Every time my dad ate me out in those days, he'd first lick all around it. He always took a very long time and got very close to my clit, even spreading open the slick lips around it with his fingers, but never actually touching it until I was begging him.

It drove me wild!

Pretty soon, I'd be squirming around, panting hoarsely and almost crying I was so frustrated—and only then would he finally lick it or suck it directly.

Please lick my clit, Daddy!” I'd urge. “Suck on it! Daddy, I mean it!”

“Be patient,” he'd tell me.

Of course, as soon as my dad finally did lick my pulsating little clit, after getting me all worked up, I’d come instantly! Every time. And then a second time! Sometimes I’d come so good, little jets of pee would squirt out!

“You pissed again,” he'd laugh, as if it was a good thing. “Right in my face!”

“Because you made me come too good,” I always said, just the slightest bit embarrassed at such a thing. “You made me pee!”

“That just shows how hard you came.”

Just like during my double-penetration at that frat party gangbang.

Anyway, the other thing was: after the headboard incident, if my dad and I were in a motel room, we'd fuck on the floor so the bed wouldn't make so much squeaking noise (and so I wouldn't pull down another headboard!).

He'd put all the pillows on the carpet, with at least two of them under my firm little ass, then get down on top of me between my bare legs and slowly push his thick cock into my very tight pussy. We both liked to go real slow at that point, an inch at a time going into me, until the thick, entire 7” length of my father was buried in my teenage pussy.

“Ohhhh God!” I'd moan as it went in. “Daddy, that feels so good going in my cunt—I can’t wait for you to fuck me!”

He loved it when I talked dirty, the dirtier the better.

“I love your big cock in my twat!” I'd tell him, trying to be as dirty as I could. “You can fuck my cunt all you want, or jack off in my mouth or lick my asshole or do whatever!”

Dirty talk from his own daughter always made his cock throb just a bit more urgently while it slid into me.

Once inside me, instead of just holding me down and fucking me flat, he'd always start by rocking against my swollen pubic mound, pressing into it gently with the base of his cock. That pressure thing. Which would get me even wetter and more excited! He'd settle into me, then, without pumping or pulling out even slightly, cradled between my spread-apart slender young thighs.

I loved the feel of his rigid cock, deliciously warm and twitching in my pussy, but I wanted to do it!

“Start fucking me, Daddy, start fucking me!” I'd groan. “Make me come!

And he would, in fact, just start fucking the shit out of me then, without warning, the sudden slippery friction of his big cock sliding in and out of my wetly gripping little cunt always making my legs even shakier!

I could never keep from crying out with a series of sharp little gasps when he began fucking me like that, even if we needed to be absolutely quiet (in certain motels!).

“Daddy, my God!!” I panted, clutching at his back. “Fuck me, fuck me!

“Sweetie pants, shhh!” he’d caution hotly in my ear. “The walls have ears…”


It was true.

More than once it was obvious, when we were doing it, that someone was listening to us fuck, through the wall. Especially when I couldn’t keep quiet about it. I’m certain whoever was listening was thinking we were a real couple, not just a father and his hot, oversexed little twig of a college-girl daughter, screwing like crazy.

My dad would motion me over to the particular shared wall and, with our own ears pressed tightly to it, we could often hear heavy breathing coming through. Or the sound of our nighttime neighbor whacking off.


“Holly, let’s give him something to listen to,” he’d sometimes suggest. “Get back on the bed.”

I’d laugh at the idea, but climb back up there.

So with the bedsprings creaking loudly, rhythmically but gaining genuine speed as we got closer to sharing a mutually-shattering orgasm, I’d pant and moan and cry out with every ramming thrust of my dad’s hard cock:

“Fuck me harder, mister, fuck me harder!” I’d call out. I’d use as slutty a voice as I could muster. It was definitely funny to us both, but it felt too good to laugh, getting fucked by my father all out like that. “God, yes, mister, faster, faster, fuck me with your big cock even faster!”

“I’ll pay you more to fuck you in the ass,” my dad would sometimes say loudly, as if I was a prostitute. “Turn over and let me fuck your perfect little asshole.”

“It’s an extra $50,” I’d say. “The anal lube’s in my purse!”

And then he’d actually use real KY or the flavored lube he’d brought, to lubricate and fuck my intensely-sensitive asshole so hard I’d sometimes forget the show we were putting on. And I’d pant, “Fuck my ass harder, Daddy, fuck my asshole deeper!”


Anyway, all of that was fun, and funny, but probably wrong in some way my therapist would find grave fault with (if she knew). That’s right, these days I’m seeing a therapist, just to make sure I’m not crazy, but back then I was still just barely legal at eighteen and my father had already turned me into a huge whore, if only in a sick play-acting, showbiz kind of way!

But, mostly during those first travelling-together summers, we’d just hide out, keep our voices down, and fuck each other senseless.

“This is a huge sin, Daddy!” I said more than once, in my little Catholic schoolgirl skirt and no panties, breathing hotly into his ear. He was screwing me so good I could barely see straight. “But when you fuck me, I love it too much to stop!”

“Me, too!” he said. “You have the sweetest cunt! The tightest cunt! The wettest cunt! And the hottest cunt!”

See? Just like I said he said.

That time, we were doing it like normal people, on the pillows on the carpet, straight fucking with him on top, between my thighs and pounding every inch of his throbbing cock into my quivering little pussy with every stroke.

“Ohhh, it feels so good! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhhhhhh, fuck, keep doing it!”

We were almost delirious with the pleasure we shared, our breathing almost as one, coming in rasping heaves, his bare chest pressed tightly into my firm bare boobs. I’d hooked my bare heels behind his legs, urging him on with my hot young thighs to go even faster.

Even that first summer, I loved a hard, fast fuck that about knocked me out!

“Fuck me to death, Daddy! Fuck me!”

“Christ, Holly, you're cunt’s so slippery in there!”

“Daddy, I'm coming already!” I groaned raggedly.

The climaxes I had with my dad were always the kind that wracked my entire body. The instant I came, the waves of indecent pleasure blasted outward from my cunt with such pure heat that I couldn’t breathe, my orgasm sweeping across my sweaty open thighs, all the way up to my hard little nipples and straight down to my widely-spread toes.

My God, I just couldn’t get enough fucking from him, front-door or backdoor!

“I came so good!!” I managed weakly, my breath catching in my throat. “You’ve killed me…”

“You begged me to fuck you to death,” he pointed out. “Holly, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had—even better than your mother.”

My God, I thought, my own father said I was a better fuck than my own mom! And I knew, from my dad, that my mother had not been one bit innocent before and during their short marriage. I always figured I got my ‘sluttiness’ from her, after all, even though she always acted so ‘holier than thou’ around me.

“Do you want to fuck me in my asshole next?” I continued, for real this time because no one was listening through the wall. We were staying in a Richmond motel that week and I added, “I’ll let you cornhole me, if you let me have two desserts at dinner.”

I knew how to bargain, using my good parts, and my father thought it was hilarious. He’d taught me that dopey word the first time he’d actually done it to me, cornhole, and I’d loved using it ever since.

And, hard to miss, I guess, in my sort-of confession here, I often traded filthy sex acts with my father for a variety of treats, expensive desserts being one of my favorites, certain sex toys being another. Anyway, for all the indecent appeal incestuous sex held for me, incestuous anal sex had an even more perverted appeal, due to its even more obscene nature.

Even after I’d done that frat gangbang double penetration, it’d taken an entire night of off-and-on effort to finally get my dad's big dick into my tight little asshole, but it was worth it. If getting fucked by my father excited me as an oversexed teenager, getting fucked in my tightly hot asshole by my own father, his dick entirely buried in my well-lubed butt, excited me even more.

I always came extra-hard.

Also, the moment I had an orgasm during backdoor sex, my asshole and slick butt-cheeks always tightened spasmodically to squeeze every last drop of hot cum out of my dad's thrusting cock! We both loved it.

“Daddy, I can feel you coming in my asshole!” I'd pant each time. “Your dick’s jerking like crazy! But keep cornholing me until I come, too!”

See? I loved that word. And I loved being cornholed.

I loved my father, too—that's why I let him do such dirty things to me!

Actually, everything about anal sex with my dad got me insanely excited, even when he sometimes pulled me across his lap in my fake schoolgirl uniform, flipped up my plaid skirt and spanked my bare little ass (on both firm cheeks!) until it was stinging and red.

“That really hurt!” I’d complain.

And so he’d rub my ass all over with his strong hands to make it feel better, squeezing each reddened cheek gently, until—instead of the pain—all I could think of was his hands on my bare bottom. Then, after probing into my slippery pussy and my asshole from behind with a finger or two, we’d both slide down onto the floor.

Then he’d bend me over the chair he’d just spanked me on, lubricate me back there with some more KY or anal lube, and fuck me in the ass again! Literally fucking the shit out of me!

Like, really hard and fast.

All in all, thinking back, I had no real complaints.


Things got much more interesting the first weekend of August that summer in (of all places!) tiny Elgin, Pennsylvania. At the Comfort Inn, after checking into connecting rooms. I knew I'd be spending more time in his bed (and on his floor) than mine. But we also knew we needed to maintain the illusion we were a normal father and daughter.

Even the groaning sex noises I made, when my dad fucked me, had to be kept to a minimum.

And I had to wear at least my halter top and skimpy shorts if I was in his room when housekeeping walked in. I'd act like I was just his dumb teenager, innocently watching TV with him, who didn't realize the sexual implications of an 18-year-old girl in her skimpy outfit in her handsome dad’s motel room. 

Especially if the room smelled like pussy.

By then, I was my own father's little whore and we loved every sick minute of it.


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