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Chapter 1 - The Iniquity of the Rights of Man – The Cause

Chapter 2 - The Infamous Declaration

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Chapter 4 - Escape from Karma: the One and Only Freedom

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The significance of relations between the Individual and the Whole cannot be overestimated, in respect of everything from metaphysics to politics, and it has particular relevance today in view of the tensions created by the many individual groups clamouring for independence in an essentially interdependent world; the unity of the Whole is paramount, and everyone is someone’s servant – a thing that needs to be considered by all those independence-craving egoists and nationalistic xenophobes.

The obvious solution to the Catalonian crisis, and many others, is for independence to be achieved within unity – the unity, in this case, of the overall Spanish nation, or overall Spanish government. There is no rational need for outright and complete independence, such an outcome being determined by pure conceit and arrogance, pushing the whole agenda to the point of civil war.

At all costs let there be dialogue, for both the nationalists and the Spanish government are obliged, as civilised citizens, to adopt diplomacy. Of course the Spanish state cannot allow absolute independence in its midst, and the Catalans, if their cause has any justification at all, must have a hearing.

The question of Tibetan independence should also be mentioned, the Dalai Llama himself having recommended that the overall unity of Chinese rule should remain, while the verbal struggle for tolerance and religious freedom should persist; let us hope it proves true that the pen is mightier than the sword.


The author is reputed amongst a large section of the public to be the twenty-first century Christian prophet, despite some healthy personal doubt, on his part, that serves to prove his sanity; preferring to be known as a purely human prophet, retaining the name of Anthony Hill, he finds his own salvation, as well as man’s, in the writing of this series of books – the creative ‘stream of consciousness’.

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