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Molesting Meredith

Published by Monica Everlet at Smashwords

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Chapter 1

Meredith looked at her hand casts. The rest of summer was going to be a miserable, she thought. How would she shower? How would she use the bathroom? How would she get dressed?

She had injured her hands, on her 18th birthday, playing softball in a summer intramural league. While she was running for home base, she tripped and landed on her hands, breaking a finger bone in each one. The pain was terrible. Luckily, the broken bones were easily set, the doctors had informed her, but she would have to wear casts on her hands for about six weeks to prevent her from moving her fingers. Her family was renting a cabin in Cape Cod for the summer and now, sadly, she wouldn’t be able to swim in the ocean at all.

To make matters worse, her stepmom had just informed her that she had to fly to Springfield for a couple of weeks for a business trip. Meredith’s Uncle Ronny would be watching her and her half-sisters Trisha and Janice, while she was gone.

“What about my hands?” asked Meredith, wondering how she would cope without her stepmother’s help.

“Trisha and Janice will help, and so will your Uncle Ronny,” her stepmom replied.

Meredith knew that Trisha and Janice would certainly not help her, they had always hated her. They hated her because she was so much prettier than them, and they hated her even more for being more popular than them. And Uncle Ronny frightened her in general. He was seriously creepy, always making gross comments about girls that were a fraction of his age, and always staring at her, especially if she was in a bathing suit or short skirt.

“I don’t trust Uncle Ronny,” Meredith said, “he’s always trying to see me naked.”

“Well, this will be his lucky summer then, won’t it?” her stepmom replied coldly. “Look, you’re 18 years old now, Meredith, you’re not a baby. And stop imagining that everyone wants to see you naked, you’re not that pretty, you know.”

Trisha and Janice snickered in the backseat. They knew that their mom disliked Meredith just as they did. The girl had joined their family when their mom, Alice, had married her father, but when her dad had passed away unexpectedly two years ago, Alice had begun viewing Meredith as an annoyance to be ignored. In contrast, Alice doted over her own daughters, who were a little older than Meredith and who were aspiring beauticians at the Richmond School of Cosmetics and Beauty.

Meredith decided that her stepmom was at least partly right. She was 18 now and not a baby. In fact, Meredith decided then and there to leave home the day her casts came off. She would take a greyhound back to Richmond and stay with her friend, Brenda, and her family until she could get her own apartment. She was starting college at the University of Virginia, where she had gotten a full scholarship, in the autumn, and the sooner she moved out of her stepmom’s house the better. Meredith only came on this vacation because her stepmom wouldn’t let her be alone at age 17, but she was 18 now.

She knew, however, that her mom was quite wrong about how attractive she was. Pretty much everyone knew that she was drop-dead gorgeous. She had wavy blond hair, crystal blue eyes, and a perfect bikini figure. Guys always lost their minds over her, and she enjoyed the attention. Nothing was more fun for her than knowing that she was dressed as cute as heck and was torturing guys who couldn’t have her. This summer, though, at least for the next six weeks, it looked like she was the one who was going to be tortured.

“I’m sure Uncle Ronny will help wipe your ass,” taunted Trisha.

“He’ll help with your tampons too,” teased Janice.

Meredith felt her stomach freeze in horror. “Oh god,” she thought, “why me?” She wiped away a tear as she looked out the window. “These people are such assholes,” she though, “once I am gone, I am never coming back.”

After a twenty-minute drive, the car pulled into their cabin’s driveway. Uncle Ronny’s old Chrysler sedan was already there.

Chapter 2

“Hi Meredith,” said Uncle Ronny, ignoring everyone else walking into the wooden A-frame cabin. “I hear we are going to be close friends this summer,” he smiled. He was a skinny, pale fellow with straight brown hair in a bowl cut. He smelled like a mixture of AXE body spray and Listerine.

Meredith said hi glumly as she walked past him into her room, but she heard Trisha say, “She can’t wait for your first shower together, she’s never seen a real man naked before.”

Meredith didn’t react, she just closed her door. Immediately she noticed that Uncle Ronny’s suitcases were in her room, open on her bed. At least one had been unpacked. She opened her drawers and found his clothes mixed with hers. He had pushed her panties to one side of her underwear drawer, for example, and put his underwear next to hers. She closed the drawer, stunned. All her underwear had been unfolded, she noticed, and refolded wrong.

Her hamper was open too but she didn’t see anything of her uncle’s added to it. She noticed, however, that all of her dirty panties were on top. Uncle Ronny had fished them all out and had probably been sniffing them. She was completely disgusted but she felt trapped with no way out of her situation. Was she expected to share a room with this pervert? She was his niece; how could he be attracted to her? Where was he going to sleep? In her bed with her?

Uncle Ronnie opened her door and came in. “Hi, roomie,” he said as he laid on her bed, his hands behind his head.

“You’re staying in my room?” she asked incredulously.

“Where else?” he said.

“Maybe in Alice’s room? She not even going to be here.”

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