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This book is dedicated to God Almighty. It is also dedicated to all those true patriots of this great nation who genuinely want it to succeed.


I acknowledge all those who tried in one way or the other in order to make this book possible especially, my beloved wife, Mrs. Becky Anumaka for her encouragement and support. Thank you for your supports.





Pre-Independence Days

Independence Granted

Governance after the Granting of Independence

The Coups and the Civil War

End of the Civil War

The Discovery of Oil

100 Ways To Make My Country Great Again


About The Author


Nigeria, my beloved country, her founding fathers had great hopes while asking for independence from their Colonial Masters - The British Government. When the independence was finally granted in 1960, there was great hope and enthusiasm to make the country get to its Promised Land – A country where every citizen will live in peace and enjoy the great endowment which God has bestowed on the Nation.

However, after 58 years of independence, the nation is still struggling to arrive at its Promised Land, with most of its citizens still struggling to get the basic necessities of life.

In this book, the Author tries to make some suggestions which he feels, if sincerely implemented, will help in no small measure to make the country Great Again.


O you my beloved country Nigeria! Your founding fathers were full of hard work and zeal as they struggled for you to stand on your own as an independent country. They struggled to make you stand on your own as a man who will be able to cater for himself.

They told their early masters “leave us alone, we thank you for all what you have helped us to achieve, we are now ready and able to rule our house. We believe that we can do it even better than you have already done for us.”

“Leave us alone and you will see how far we can go”. They told their early masters. Their early masters, however, resisted at first because they felt that they were not really matured enough to stand on their own. They even went as far as accusing the early masters that it was because of their God given resources that they were after them. They reasoned that the early masters wanted to continue enslaving them so that they would continue milking them of their God given resources. Even with their initial internal disagreements, they reunited to pursue the independence of the country.

We even heard that a part of you my beloved country said that they were not ready, that they would still want to stay under your early masters contrary to the decision of the others who were ready to go on their own, because they felt with the type of resources that God has endowed them with, they will make the new country a paradise.


They later however reunited and met their early master and expressed their final desire to leave so as to be independent. They reasoned that they have grown to full maturity and can properly manage their resources for the benefits of their people.

Reluctantly, your early masters agreed and gave them independence on the first of October, 1960. So many issues took place during the visitation of your sons to your early master’s home. During one of such visits, it was said that one of your sons embarrassed himself and the country in the gathering of other elder statesmen, when he drank about twenty-four cups of tea.

The story was also told about how one of your children lacked table manners by using his tea spoon to drink his tea. This situation was however saved by the clever response of one of your sons who saw the embarrassment and immediately demanded for prayers at the occasion. When given the opportunity to pray, he requested to pray in his native language and prayed, saying, “Nnanyi Opara, anaghi eji ngaji tea through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.” Meaning, Our brother Okpara, they don’t use teaspoon to drink tea, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

After the series of demands made to your early masters, they granted you to stay on your own, on the first of October, 1960.

It was a great victory for you and your children. It was a day of great occasion. It was a day of joy.

During those days’ celebration, your master’s flag was lowered and your own flag of nationhood was raised in front of other dignitaries invited from all over the world. Dances were organized all over my beloved country. Indeed, it was a day of great joy.

When people remembered the long struggle and the resources which they have been endowed with, they became very joyful. Knowing that if they manage these resources properly, it will give them and their unborn generations, joy, satisfaction and peace; People danced. Some danced to remember while others danced to forget their struggles and troubles. It was indeed a great day of celebration.

Power was finally handed over to the people of the land. My beloved country, power was finally handed over to your sons and daughters. On that great day, the newly formed soldiers marched with their newly ironed and well starched uniforms while the police marched with their Khaki uniforms with short (knickers) and boots with high stocking, and berets to march.

They marched with pride and a sense of - “We can do it by ourselves”; their boots – glistering in the afternoon sun. They were all serious minded and were not ready to let anyone believe that they were not prepared for this occasion. After all, they have been preparing for this day a long time ago.

The soldiers showed their machoistic sense of discipline and pride. They all marched in a very disciplined manner, not prepared to let their new ego and sense of pride to be toyed with. They displayed in reality that they were fully prepared to carry out their duty of defending the integrity of the new born nation and to protect it from any form of external aggression.


My beloved country, so it was that after this celebration that our country was shared into three regions: Northern Nigeria, Western Nigerian, Eastern Nigeria and latter, Mid Western Region of Nigeria.

Each of these regions worked hard with the resources which God has naturally endowed them with. From the Northern part they explored groundnuts which were significantly abundant in that region and other farm produce such as millet, soghum, etc, They built groundnut pyramids which they exported to the outside world. They were able to feed themselves and sent part to other parts of the country. From the West, came, cocoa, another very useful produce which the people of that region produced with vigor and zeal to export to outside nations and earned foreign exchange while still sending out to other parts of the Nation. In fact, people from the west became great traders in cocoa and this brought them great riches.

From the Eastern part, the farmers there exploited Palm Produce which they farmed and exported to foreign countries. From this product came other produce as palm oil, soap, butter, alcohol, broom, etc. The farmers were rich through these resources and their local economy grew. From the Mid West came timber, rubber, etc. We saw so many felled logs or trees floating on the Sapele River, all meant for export and local consumption. So almost all the regions were exporting and trading in one locally sourced commodity or the other.

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