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There are many theories that markets work into a cyclical phase, if we a take a close technical look then this Bull Run was started around mid-2016, and last month it seemed that this market might take a big deep and starts correcting below 10000 levels. Because the way markets have given, a never-ending return but all the happiness cannot sustain for a lifetime. The big euphoria of bitcoin collapsed last year in December. Since the Nifty made a lifetime top of 11751.80 options data suggested to us that this rally will not cross 12000 levels this time and markets started correcting, though news will always be there for a reason. Rising crude oil prices, Rupee weakening against the dollar, etc. But we need to focus on to a macro factor the news that the Government asking for a 3.6 Lakhs Crore of money and all the news channels debate of Section-7 has become common among the general public, which shouldn’t be, such things are a real concern for the growth and keeping markets and business fit. Such tussle seen among the public is not good for the administration. Both the entity has its own role to fulfil. Moreover, both should respect their own independence. I always say that markets are not detached from societal problems, but are an integral part of it. To analyse effects of many things we need to look beyond financials in the company because eventually, it will reflect. Rising vehicles will increase auto shares but it cannot solve parking, traffic or pollution. We have to deal with in another manner. The crash of 2008 has many learnings from it, even mightiest collapsed because too much optimism will lead to destruction. Many analysts and economists are worried of Word Debt ticking like a time bomb; it is and should be the real concern because everyone is developing himself or herself with borrowed money, as Buffer says growth should be normal and not superficial. For our economy, I would say rural sector growth is the only key for development. We need to focus on long-term policy over Education and Health Care. Because the whole world is discussing to dump the Education System, which was made at the time of Industrial Revolution, we need to think more about the time of this Technological Revolution. Because I think that recently the tech companies, which were able to create a revolution, may face a downgrade or slowness because everything has a limit, we cannot have numerous iPhone in our pockets. Every time only a new product will conquer the market, there can be many examples, which has created history and have become history. I believe that trading and investing both have its role to play but we cannot become that Ultra Rich by trading, because a company does not grow overnight. Therefore, we should take Investing as a lifelong process. There are many success stories of small Asian countries, which are able to achieve growth even with the limited resources; our country needs a change in the way we think because there are still many limitations and Government interference into workings of the private sector. We cannot deny the role of PSU but what they have done we all know very well. Therefore, Government has to trust and make laws strict for fraudsters. Now coming back to actual business, the whole month Nifty has been slightly sluggish, because both bulls and bears are taking a lot of heat, direction is not clear among the issues of Oil, Rupee-Dollar, but I do not think that this is real concern, but market is taking seriously the issues of Corporate Governance. We also saw a period of ‘Auditors Crash’ were the rumours of some kind of anything related to Auditors lead to stocks crashing more than 50%, even top market experts will also be witnessing such things for the first time.

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