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Hello everyone, I’m Julie from Sensualize, and I’ve decided to start writing a Blog (weekly) to share just a selection of sexy sensual and quite often very funny sexual encounters I have been fortunate enough to experience. Real people’s names have been changed the only name that’s real is mine! Hope you enjoy my very first ‘Sensualize Secrets’

The Beginning

I met my now husband about 5 years ago, when we first met, he was very open about his previous swinging lifestyle (at first I thought he was referring to gymnastic activity’s!) I was intrigued and a little turned on as he relayed some of his encounters within swinger’s clubs and private parties. He never pushed nor made me feel in any way pressured to try out this ‘lifestyle’ but the seeds were sown and I found myself unable to stop thinking about what it would be like to go to one of these clubs?

After a few months into our relationship I found myself asking more and more questions about these clubs, the parties resulting in us embarking upon a weekend discovery. First stop Rio’s Health Spa in Camden a Saturday evening (couples only from 7pm till Midnight) I was so nervous in the car as we got closer and closer to Camden, the heavy slow-moving traffic making the journey seem to take forever. Once parked we walking into the club’s reception area and collected our towels then headed for the changing rooms.

I undressed showered and wrapped a huge towel around me and walked into a communal area to meet my man who had done likewise. The club was busy 8pm and it was full of couples some with towels wrapped around them others completely naked, I was amazed at how quickly my nerves seemed to pass and curiosity became quite overwhelming!

We went into the Jacuzzi area and joined two other couples already enjoying the hot bubbly Jacuzzi. It was quite cosy and soon I felt the guy sat next to me very gently touch my knee, I didn’t flinch I allowed him and soon he was stroking my knee and working his hand upwards towards my crotch. My freshly shaven pussy was beginning to feel quite sticky it was such a turn on being felt up by a complete stranger and someone I hadn’t even had eye contact or spoke too.

My man was engaging in conversation with the couple next to him and told them that this was my very first time visiting a swinger’s club, this seemed to really heighten their interest in me and soon my man was whispering in my ear that we should go into a private room with this couple. My heart was racing part fear, part excitement. We left the Jacuzzi and with towels wrapped around us followed the couple into a very small room which was covered in a thin plastic mattress. We all let our towels fall to the ground and the lady lay naked on one side and I did the same lying next to her.

The men began licking our pussy’s I was soaking wet and soon I felt the lady move closer towards me and then she very gently began touching my nipples which by now had become very stiff. The men swopped places I was now being eaten by a stranger for the very first time in my life, I was so turned on my pussy was squelching like crazy! The woman was now licking my nipples and then moved her head towards me, we kissed so passionately I felt my first orgasm rip through me as I kissed another woman for the first time in my life.

The lady asked if she could take her partners place as she wanted to taste me, I agreed willingly it felt amazing I had just orgasmed, yet this woman was down between my thighs lapping away like a cat licking up all my sex cream it felt incredible. Her partner moved his hard-thick cock towards my mouth I held it pulled his foreskin back and began sucking the swollen head of his cock. It tasted lovely a tad salty yet very sticky as pre-cum began oozing out and into my eager mouth. My man had pulled on a condom and was fucking the woman whilst she licked away at my pussy, I could feel him thrusting into her it felt so sexually charged within this tiny room my head was spinning yet I felt so alive!

The atmosphere within the tiny room was incredible it was tropical hot, yet I felt slutty, used and I was loving it! I love spunk and had told my man that I’d love to experience more than just his spunk sprayed over my face. The guy I was sucking was getting very close to cumming, his hard-thick veiny cock was twitching, and my tongue was all over his wet sticky pee-hole I knew his spunk was so ready to erupt. I felt the woman shudder as my man fucked her deeply, she sat up and both guys now straddled my face, the woman wanked my man’s cock near to my face as her man tossed his cock furiously only inches from my nose. He spunked a huge stream of warm creamy cum it landed on my face covering my nose my forehead and eyes, this set of my man’s orgasm and he too covered my angelic face in hot sticky love goo!

We all cleaned ourselves up and went along to the bar area and ordered mugs of tea, within 5 minutes of having two very horny guy’s spunk on my face I was sat drinking tea! It felt so surreal my body was shaking but shaking in a good way, I felt alive so turned on it seemed so matter of fact. I didn’t even ask or was told the couple names they went into the sauna and we drank our mugs of tea grinning like Cheshire cat’s. I was hooked now, I knew for me sexually there would be no turning back, I wondered now what would we experience next?

We shared a shower and soaped our bodies it felt amazing as it was a communal shower area and other couples too showered, I realized then that any reservations I might have had before tonight had disappeared completely! Alongside us stood a tall black man with an enormous cock, it hung down thick with very pronounced veins protruding as it twitched as I looked at him and his cock. He mentioned I seemed to know how to soap a naked body and asked if I would like to indulge him by soaping his naked body! I began massaging his very muscular body with my soap his cock began to harden and I could hardly take my eyes off it! I soon had both hands working up and down his very shiny black shaft we started kissing and he suggested we move into a private room.

My man told me to enjoy myself and left me and my new friend to pop into another tiny room. Once inside he asked if I wanted the door to be left open or closed? I wasn’t sure so said open. His cock was magnificent about as long as a traditional school ruler (12 inches) but the thickness had me mesmerised! I had fantasised about being fucked by a hugely hung black guy but never told anyone nor ever believed it would actually transpire. He began licking and sucking my big hard nipples as I soon found my hand was unable to clasp his extremely thick cock. I laid down on the mattress and he began licking my already wet pussy, I noticed about 3 people stood at the door which was now fully open watching proceedings, but I really couldn’t care I had gone from shy to exhibitionist in the space of just over 90 minutes! I asked him to let me suck his cock so obliged by turning around and I straddled his face leaving me to openly (in front of now 5 people viewing) suck his huge cock. I held it at the base and licked and lapped away on his thick veiny shaft for all I was worth. I tried sticking the tip of my tongue down his large open pee-slit this made him twitch followed by a dollop of clear pre-cum oozing out which I lapped up. I wanted to feel him inside me and laid down with my legs wide open ready and very willing to accept my very first huge black cock. I watched as he rolled a condom over his huge bell-end rolling it down only covering about two thirds of his huge shaft, not all the way down but enough to protect both me and him. Once between my legs he slowly rubbed his cock tip against my soaking wet entrance, up and down it felt gorgeous, yet I felt he was teasing me I soon felt him ease himself inside me, inch by inch the sheer thickness stretched my tight pussy it felt divine! He must have had at least 8 inches deep inside me and began pumping into me with a lovely steady rhythm, I had never felt so full of cock in my entire life! The audience at the door looked transfixed it felt so porno I had never in a million years believed I’d be getting fucked by a hugely hung black guy in front of an audience. Gradually he managed to get a little more inside me he seemed to know just how much I could take which I must say I was very grateful for.

I felt my second orgasm approaching and my word this was going to be a huge one. I began shuddering as the sensations ripped through me, I clenched his cock with my pussy wall muscles and asked him to let me see and taste his seed. He stood up and pulled the sticky condom from his cock as I wrapped my lips around his cock. I wanked his shaft and he began to erupt, I pulled my mouth away but maintained my tongue flicking all over his pee-slit. His thick creamy seed sprayed all over my tongue and face then began running down onto my chin! I stood up face covered in his thick spunk he used his towel to clean my face chin and neck we hugged kissed and I walked out past the audience and back into the bar area and sat next to my man with a grin that I never thought would leave me.

My man just smiled he didn’t need to ask if I enjoyed myself! I couldn’t believe how laid back everyone was, all around naked bodies people wearing only towels woman in sexy outfits all shapes and sizes yet no one starred disrespectfully or made anyone feel uncomfortable I was smitten I knew from this moment my life would be so very…..very much different and my word so it would be!


After my very first experience in Rio’s (Camden) my man then took me north up the M1 heading towards Darlaston located in the West Midlands home to Chameleons a swinger’s club with quite a reputation to say the least! As we drove northwards my mind was still chewing over my very first night spent indulging complete strangers. We spoke about my highly charged emotions and the reservations I once had. I could barely believe what had just occurred what I found myself experiencing, my overwhelming emotion was one of utter elation!

I wanted to know more about Chameleons I was asking rapid fire questions, but my man wanted me to find out for myself, the anticipation was killing me. It was very early hours of Sunday morning, so we stopped off in a nearby Travel Lodge quickly falling asleep we were both shattered from our time spent in Rio’s and drive to Darlaston. A nice long lay in we checked out at midday and headed on towards Chameleons, I could feel my excitement yet again bubbling up deep inside.

We arrived just before 2pm on the Sunday (Chameleons opens at 2pm on Sunday’s) I couldn’t believe a swinger’s club existed when I looked around from the car park. A doorway with a sign above was the only clues it seemed so industrial close to an Asda Superstore you really wouldn’t know it was there. We walked in and we joined as a couple a process that took hardly a few minutes towels were handed over and we entered the club.

The first thing that struck me was how relatively dark it was inside, a few guys sat at the bar (non-alcohol) wearing towels wrapped around their waists, it seemed ever so quiet. Seemingly Sunday’s it’s mixed so a selection of single men, couples and possibly a rare single woman would attend. We went upstairs into the communal changing area and undressed, we wrapped the large towels around ourselves and I couldn’t wait to go and explore the club.

Chameleons (or Chams as it’s known by) is a labyrinth of rooms stairways a sauna and steam room and lovely large couples only play area alongside quite a few private rooms similar to Rio’s but in my opinion quite a lot plusher. It took quite a while to walk round I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car such was my intense stares at all and everything within the club. It seemed so quiet, quite the opposite to Rio’s on the Saturday couples only 7pm-Midnight session.

It was mainly single guys within the club I felt so many eyes watching as we walked around, I knew I would soon be indulging my fantasy’s even more so here. We walked up the stairs and found a room with ‘Glory-Hole’s’ (these are cubicles with holes cut out for guys to stick their cocks into whilst a lady or man stays within the cubicle and pleasures the cock quite anonymously) I had never seen a Glory-Hole before and my man suggested we go into one and see what happens!

It was a tight squeeze, but we closed the door behind us, I dropped to my knees and could hear footsteps as someone approached from outside the cubicle. Suddenly a cock was stuck through the hole and I held it at the base pulling back the foreskin to reveal quite a large bulbous cock head. I moved closer and opened my mouth to take the cock into my mouth, I began to suck and mouth wank really getting into it and becoming ever so turned on. There I was inside a dark cubicle on my knees my man watching as I sucked a complete stranger’s cock for all I was worth! I teased his pee-slit and could taste his salty pre-cum oozing out from the slit I sensed he was very close to spunking. The guy told me he couldn’t hold back any longer and I pulled my mouth away from his cock and wanked him furiously, the first spurt was quite clear and hit my chin but the second and third spurts were so powerful and thick creamy spunk splattered my face it was running down my face and chin onto my tits it felt amazing!

I then realised that outside the cubicle more guys were waiting to see if they would ‘get-lucky’ but we came out from the cubicle and went into a small room close by. I felt like the sexual pied piper as about 5 guys followed us into this small room with a bed like table big enough for only one person but easily accessible from all sides. I lay naked on this bed and my man went down on my soaking wet pussy, his skilful tongue was lapping away at my extremely turned on and very wet pussy. I noticed the 5 guys had joined us and all had dropped their towels revealing very impressive errections.

Two guys stood either side of me and each began gently kissing and sucking on my very stiff nipples my man watched from his prime view between my open thighs. I held a cock in each hand and felt so incredibly turned on I began pulling the guys closer, so I could suck on both cocks alternating whist wanking them building up quite a rhythm! The other guys seemed content (for now) to watch and wank themselves enjoying the show but hopeful of participating. The guy to the left of me had a very long cock it felt like a pipe of iron the guy to my right sported a much shorter but much fatter cock, both felt amazing as I tasted their pre-cum and at times rubbed them together which they didn’t seem to object too.

The atmosphere in this tiny room was so sexually charged my man was holding me on the very edge of orgasm each time I get close he slowed his tongue down but I knew I was on the absolute precipice of a huge trembling orgasm. The chap on the left asked if I wanted his spunk and I said YES and to let it go over my face, he tugged on his long cock and a thick rope of spunk blasted across my face and landed on the other guys navel! The next 4-5 shots of thick gooey spunk landed nicely on my face this set off the other guy whose spunk needed no target practice as it landed nicely covering my forehead nose lips and chin!

I asked the other guys to move closer and they took turns wanking themselves off over my tits and face I was completely covered in warm sticky spunk, I couldn’t hold back my own orgasm any longer and felt my pussy tighten as it began to tremble so intensely heralding one of my most incredible orgasms to date! My man had spunked too onto the floor and spunked without touching his cock such was the intensity of what he was doing (licking my soaking wet pussy) and watching 5 complete strangers unload their full balls worth all over my face and tits.

Everyone left after thanking me (this made me smile) I used my towel to wipe my eyes and headed for the shower close by. We washed each other and kissed so passionately I couldn’t believe that sexual arousal could be this intense but my word it truly was! We went downstairs and ordered mugs of tea which we sat quietly drinking in a secluded booth slightly away from the bar area. I felt so alive, 24 hours before I had never indulged sexually other than with another person (man) within the short space of 18 hours I had experienced my very first woman (couple in Rio’s) and Big Black Cock (again in Rio’s) and now I had tried and enjoyed an anonymous Glory-Hole and indulged 5 men all who spunked their pent up cum all over me! Far from feeling like a slut I felt ALIVE! Chameleons is a truly lovely club with a very laid-back atmosphere and even though on the Sunday afternoon it being predominantly single men I in no way felt vulnerable in fact quite the opposite I felt like the Pied-Piper of Sex!

Chameleons Discovering My Bi-Sexual Side

Driving away from Chameleons I found myself experiencing a wonderful feeling of sensual fulfilment of being tipped over a sexual discovery ledge and bathing deeply in its intensity. We didn’t speak, the silence really was golden as my thoughts still firmly locked within the club remained entrenched sexually. I couldn’t think nor consider thinking about anything else. We glanced at each other and our smiles spoke volumes, I was hooked, indulging sexually with others (strangers) was something I’d never ever considered but now that I had lost my cherry, I knew from this point onwards my sexuality and sexual encounters would never be the same again!

The first visit to Chameleons being a Sunday afternoon was primarily single men, I only noticed another couple so unlike Rio’s in Camden I wasn’t able to enjoy an encounter with another female which I was slightly disappointed by. We decided to return to Chameleons in a fortnights time but this time on a ‘couples only’ Saturday evening. The next two weeks for me couldn’t pass quick enough, I loved Chameleons, the atmosphere, the people (and lovely staff) inside but what I found truly addictive was the highly charged sexual aura that for me was truly electric.

The two weeks soon passed, and we were heading back to Chameleons but this time it was for the Saturday evening ‘couples only’. We pulled into the car park and couldn’t believe how many cars were already parked, there was even a guy acting as a guard who helped us find a place to park. Once inside the atmosphere soon began to make me feel quite trembly, I couldn’t believe how many people were inside, it was quite full and only 9pm! We went upstairs and undressed had a shower and wrapped the big towels around us then went to explore the many rooms/areas which unlike my previous visit were bristling with activity.

People all shapes and sizes jostled around the labyrinth of rooms walkways and larger open areas. We walked into the couples-only room and noticed 3 couples indulging sexually. We let our towels drop and placed them down close to another couple fucking vigorously right next to us. I lied down and opened my thighs as my man began to work his eager tongue on my already soaking wet pussy. I held eye contact with the guy fucking his partner and suddenly felt her beginning to look at me. We moved much closer and I could hear the unmistakable sound of hard cock squelching into a very wet pussy, I felt so turned on!

The woman who looked very sexy about my age (41) huge tits with very large dark nipples moved close enough to kiss me. I felt her soft lips touch mine as our mouths opened our tongues began exploring it felt so sensual yet so dirty. My man was lapping away at my soaking wet pussy and I felt very close to orgasm but tried as hard as I could to prolong the ecstasy, I was not only receiving from him between my thighs but her kissing me so passionately. She asked if I would like to taste her, I didn’t need any further invitation and we all rearranged ourselves. I placed a towel under my head just lifting it enough to get my head in a better position to eat my new-found friends eager beaver

I watched as she carefully mounted my face and felt her gently part my thighs and bury her face between my legs, her tongue immediately went deep inside my gash it felt incredible, I did likewise and gently explored her gorgeous wide-open pussy with my horny tongue. The men just watched stroking their cocks enjoying watching two sexy woman eating each other’s pussy’s. I could smell the wonderful aroma of sex and mixed with the creamy spunk her partner had cum deep inside her I was tasting and drinking this lovely nectar like I hadn’t drank for days! I was on the absolute edge of orgasm my man had worked me up so well but now the combination of a very sexy woman licking and lapping away on my swollen clit was making me shudder like crazy!

Her man moved himself behind my head and was now positioning himself to again penetrate her from behind. I watched as he placed the tip of his big bulbous cock into her juicy pussy entrance, he almost immediately pulled out and instinctively I opened my mouth and took his pussy wet cock head into my mouth. It tasted lovely I flicked my tongue all around his glands and teased his pee-slit tasting his sticky pre-cum as my pussy was so expertly being eaten. He then re-entered her pussy and I had a marvellous view as his big thick cock fucked her building up into a nice steady rhythm. I began licking the underneath of his big heavy balls my tongue circling all around sensing he was trying not to spunk again.

I felt my first orgasm of the evening begin ripping through me, I arched my back pushing myself into her face as her tongue felt like it was flicking at a million flicks an hour my pussy contracted and she licked and lapped away as I gushed and gushed my so sticky love goo into and all over her face! We all sat up and it was my man’s turn to enjoy some attention. He lied on his back and the woman straddled his face, he immediately began where I had just left off tasting and savouring her juicy pussy whilst she devoured his rock-hard cock. I bent over sticking my bum in the air inviting my new ‘friend’ to fuck me from behind. He rolled a condom over his thick cock and began entering my needy pussy.

I was right next to her face sucking on my man’s cock like her life depended on it! She sensed me close and we began sharing cock sucking duties we took our tongues and worked them expertly along each side meeting at the tip. She teased his pee-slit as I licked around the ridge of his bulbous swollen cock head. I could see so much pre-cum he hadn’t spunked and knew he’d be trying desperately to hold back as long as possible, but this treatment was proving very difficult for him. I felt so full of hard cock his balls were slapping against my arse as he pumped away like a demented fool! My man felt the full force of her orgasm as his skilful tongue brought her to the absolute edge and then over and into the joys of a powerful convulsive orgasm!

We again changed positions this time she laid back and my man straddled her and felt her huge heavy tits engulf his manhood and he proceed to tit fuck her whilst I sucked her man’s cock. She squeezed her melons tightly giving my man a treat as the very tip only just became visible with each pump. I knew just how much he was enjoying this! I tasted pre-cum and knew the guy was very close to spunking, but he managed (only just) to hold himself on the absolute edge. She told my guy she wanted him to spunk all over her tits and I knew he’d have quite a load, she also asked me to wank her man’s cock all over her tits too. My man took hold of his cock pulled his foreskin as far back as it would go and began teasing his frenulum (elastic band of tissue under the glans penis that connects the foreskin) We watched as what can only be described as a cum cannon erupting, the first blast hit her chin the second he aimed lower and this hit her huge dark nipples after another 4 strong bursts he was done (for now) her tits were covered in his warm sticky spunk. I was wanking her man off and felt him twitch as he shot his cum (not as much as my man because he’d already spunked) all over her tits spunk completely covered her massive mounds. She held them together and I instinctively went down towards them and began licking up huge globs of spunk then kissed her then returned repeating this process until I had completely cleaned every last drop of cum from her huge tits! We all sat crossed legged and talked eventually exchanging names the men shook hands and us girls hugged each other and kissed for the very last time.

We left the couples room and went into the shower area and washed each other, we kissed passionately I couldn’t believe what had just happened! I felt alive every part of me felt refreshed the sex was amazing again complete strangers, but I’d given myself so completely without a moment’s hesitation I wondered if I could ever have a ‘normal’ sex life (one-on-one) after what I was now experiencing?

Fab-Swingers First Private Swingers Meet

Whilst mingling and dabbling sexually within the darkened play areas of Chameleons people began asking us if we were ‘ON-FAB’ at first, I thought it was one of those sexual inducement potions you hear about, but no Fab Swingers is a website dedicated to those who indulged in a swinging sexual lifestyle. We had a good look at the site and decided to join (Shared Experience). We quickly became inundated by single guys wanting to meet us, but we really wanted to meet other couples or bi-sexual females to indulge with. We had been warned that FAB sadly represents mainly 85% men chatting to other men often with fake profiles pretending to be a single female or a couple when in fact there a single guy stringing others along! Those early days on FAB we found quite incredible far too many messages to answer but we tried our best. We were contacted by a couple in their early 50’s experienced swingers married and not too far away from us. We exchanged phone numbers which enabled me to speak to ‘her’ and as such legitimacy was clarified. She sounded lovely we seemed to hit it off straight away and the following night we pulled up onto their drive in a sleepy little village. Again, as we drove to them, we both felt the incredible tingles of sexual anticipation it was such a wonderful feeling.

We were met at the door by our hosts she was tall leggy with quite a posh countryfied look, he was more rugged, but both made us feel so at ease. We went into the lounge and sat down on a large comfy sofa drinks offered we accepted tea it all seemed so ‘normal’. They began telling us their history of swinging which for them stretched back almost 20 years. The story’s often hilarious held our attention but I couldn’t help but wonder how and when we would all strip off and get ‘stuck-in’. After about an hour our hosts suggested we pop upstairs to the master bedroom. As I walked upstairs my inner sexual tension was approaching boiling point. Once in the bedroom the guy began holding me and we kissed quite passionately I could see her doing the same to my man nothing seemed strange I was starting to really enjoy the evening. I could feel his bulge in his trousers which I began stroking feeling quite a considerable ‘package’. Sat on the bed the lady had hitched up her skirt exposing her stocking tops and was clearly wearing no panties; my man was down between her legs in an instant.

Suddenly it was turning into quite a scene, I took my top off and my nipples once my tits had been unleashed felt as hard as bullets I felt his mouth and tongue all over them within a minute we were all naked and frolicking away on the large king size bed. My man was indulging in a quite noisy 69 whilst I was pleasuring the man of the house with my mouth engulfing his very large bulbous cock head which already began seeping clear pre-cum which I licked and lapped up like a woman possessed! I was so close to my man’s cock which she was swallowing down very deeply slow deliberate movements her deep-throat skills needed to be seen to be believed! My man quite the expert in matters relating to oral-joy was working his Duracell tongue on her quite large pussy lips he had them fully parted and was quickly flicking away at her swollen clitoris. I needed to feel this lovely juicy thick cock inside me and my desires hardly needed prompting. Condom stretched over and down his shaft he was ready to enter my very eager and very wet pussy. I felt him stretching the walls of my pussy as he entered me nice and slowly till, I could feel him balls deep inside me. He held his cock deep inside me and I could feel it twitching as we kissed passionately. My legs now over his shoulders to afford deeper penetration his pumping began to increase, and I must say it felt amazing. My man was now also deep inside the lady of the house only doggy style with her bent over the bed her long stockinged legs and very shapely bum sticking outwards as my man’s rock-hard cock pumped into her with vigour.

I found myself getting very close to orgasm the effects of his lovely thick cock penetrating so deeply whilst I watched so closely as my man fucked the host from behind had my mind in such a heightened state of ecstasy. I felt my first orgasm sweep up on me the effects of the deep penetration were now taking me over the top and I felt my pussy walls grip his cock for all it was worth, my mouth open, eyes closed I let go and loved the length depth and intensity of my orgasm! My host didn’t erupt and was still hard, he laid down close and I positioned myself, so his wife could taste just how wet I was whilst being pumped from behind. Her face needed no further invitation and was soon buried between my open thighs. Her tongue was very experienced and needed no guidance as it soon began diving deep inside my freshly fucked pussy. I could feel my man pumping deep inside her with each thrust her head moved in rhythm it was such an incredible turn on. I noticed her husband reaching into a small pouch which contained condoms and brought out a small tube of ‘lube’. She stopped licking and lapping away on my pussy and asked for some ‘special’ treatment? We swopped places her husband lied on the bed and I watched as he smeared some lube all over his still hard thick bulbous cock.

We then watched for us the very first time her (or anyone) gently placed hers husbands cock into her tight bum hole and slowly impaled herself onto his cock. Both transfixed watching open mouthed as she took his entire length completely up her arse! But this was only the start of her indulging in her ‘special’ as she referred to it. She beckoned my man closer and his still rock-hard was then given a fresh condom and once on was guided into her pussy. I watched as she slowly took my man’s cock all the way to its root. She was now completely ‘full’ both arse and pussy with hard thick cock. Her man remained balls deep inside her whilst my man was prompted to begin slowly pumping in and out gradually getting faster. I was transfixed I’d seen DP (double-penetration) before but only on porno movies never this close and I didn’t believe I would be watching my man indulging in such delights especially as close as I was. She was in ecstasy I wondered what my man was experiencing as he pumped away deep inside her whilst her husband’s thick cock was only separated by the thin rectovaginal septum surly, he could feel his cock through such a thin membrane?

I watched as she began twitching her legs tensing as her orgasm ripped into her with such ferocity it was such a turn on. She seemed to relish in being as she put it ‘FULL’ double penetration was her ‘thing’ but over time I would experience many more of her peccadillos! She dismounted hubby and it was my turn to be favoured and I love spunk and these two men had very full balls as neither had orgasmed so now I could enjoy being facilized! I laid down and both men kneeled each side of me our lady host offered to drain each of the guys in turn savouring the sensations as each cock was wanked to the absolute edge then fished off over my angelic face! First to be wanked was her husband she wrapped her long fingers around his shaft and began wanking him with quite a pace, I could tell he wouldn’t last long with this action coupled with how long he’d abstained during the past couple of hours. His first spurt was quite thin sperm the sperm that’s built up in the cock but his second was so thick it didn’t spurt very far but my word it was so thick. It was followed by 4 further dollops of very thick spunk which completely covered my nose mouth and chin (she carefully kept it from going into my eyes bless her) My man was next and I just knew he’d be ready to unleash his cum-cannon his build up now over as she began wanking him right to the very edge, his first spurt completely took us all by surprise and missed my face and head completely it shot way behind me onto the bedding. His next spurt followed by 4 further spurts all hit my face but this time with much more ferocity but his cum was not as thick as what was delivered only moments before. I was in seventh heaven. I wasn’t expecting what happened next! Both my hosts yes him and her began licking off both lots of spunk from my face exchanging spunk into their mouths as my man watched slightly off guard but I found this kink to be utterly erotic from two extremely sexually confident people.

We all sat on the floor of the bedroom naked, happy, spent and wallowing in the highly charged environment that resulted in two couples that didn’t know each other wouldn’t recognize each other only a few hours before had created. We had so many questions to ask our new ‘friends’ but first they wanted to thank us for being our ‘first’ actual swinging meet at a home (not within a swinger’s club) they seemed quite taken aback by this and how ‘fresh’ to swinging we indeed were! It transpired that they discovered swinging relatively young whist in their late twenty’s. A lifestyle they attributed to the long levity of their marriage. Both knew friends who had divorced/separated over the years and so often infidelity and sexual boredom was lurking amongst the reasons for these break-ups. They mentioned that the couples they knew who enjoyed the very best relationships were swingers the saying ‘Those Who Swing Together Stay Together’ was never better demonstrated than the lovely couple we had met and indulged with that evening. Before we left we were asked if we would like to join a very ‘private’ select group of couples a handful of single guys (hung-studs) a brace of bi-sexual woman who met every 3 weeks in houses owned by members of this group. We looked at each other and most certainly didn’t need to think about it we both said ‘YES’ at the same time!

First Private Swingers Party

After meeting our new friends we both couldn’t wait to experience our first swingers private party. It became apparent that swingers especially couples mostly occupied the 35-year-old upwards sector, our visits to Rio’s in Camden and Chameleons in Darlaston contained very few if any younger couples and a handful of younger guys but not many. Our first private party was by invitation only, our new friends invited us to ‘join’ a select group of like-minded couples about 50 in number all based within a 60-mile radius of the secretary (yes it was very organised) and parties were held every 3-4 weeks all within members’ homes. We paid an annual subscription which in turn was paid out to each ‘host’ to cover snacks/drinks etc. Before we became accepted as ‘members’ we needed to go to the secretary’s home for what seemed like a very informal interview. This at first seemed all a bit overkill after all it was a group of horny like-minded couples getting together every so often and getting stuck-in! Our interview was actually very enjoyable the couple acting as secretary to the club were lovely both in their mid-fifty’s fit both very horny semi-retired professionals who had enjoyed the swinging lifestyle for nearly 20 years.

We felt so at ease with this couple and the sexual chemistry was evident so much so that they needed to explain that it was bad form and taboo for them to indulge sexually with new members during this initial meeting. We all laughed but knew it most certainly wouldn’t be long before we all indulged our strong attractions for each other. The next party was scheduled in 2 weeks’ time we drove away yet again feeling so excited a mixture of sexual anticipation and the great unknown towards what our first swingers party would be like? The reason for the interview was to weed out those who wanted to ‘give it a try’ the members all very experienced really didn’t want new couples who might only ever attend one party to then disappear into the either. Quite a lot of what they said made sense as much as we didn’t expect to be interviewed it actually left us feeling far more reassured than doubtful.

The Saturday arrived, and we left for our destination the drive took about an hour and we both felt the inner bubbling’s as we got closer to the house. We were told that if I was to arrive wearing provocative clothing that I wore a long overcoat to conceal my attire in respect of neighbours who seemingly had no idea as to what would be occurring behind closed doors that evening. We parked near to the large house which had about 6 cars parked on the drive already. We rang on the doorbell and it was opened by a very sexy woman in her 50’s wearing a very tight-fitting black evening dress. We crossed the threshold and was given a warm friendly hug and taken into the large open lounge area. The first thing we noticed was the curtains were all drawn it was quite dimly lit. This was explained as the need to remain completely private was paramount. Before being introduced to those already there we were taken on a tour of the house. 5 bedrooms with additional mattresses towels and condoms in bowls by the beds. It was so organized we felt quite impressed.

We headed back downstairs and was introduced to those mingling like any ‘normal’ party the only main difference was in how a few of the ladies were dressed and how little alcohol was being consumed (whilst at our interview it was made clear to us that drinking heavily would see us both not invited to future parties it made sense we’re both tee-total so for us it didn’t affect us in the slightest) We felt quite strange as here we we’re chatting to strangers all matter of fact and wondered how this very cordial of mingling’s would turn sexual. It didn’t take very long I felt a gentle hand wrap around my waist it was the secretary and his wife we kissed but it wasn’t a peak on the cheek it was a full-on Frenchie! His wife was lovely a short Barbara Windsor very bubbly type who was now all over my man who in no way minded in the slightest. I was offered a private viewing of one of the bedrooms and duly accepted as we walked up the stairs, I felt so turned on I couldn’t wait to receive a good seeing too! We entered a room that already had a couple fucking away like crazy on the bed, I undressed and sat on the edge of the bed whilst I watched my guide undress and found myself staring at his quite large thick fully erect cock. He moved closer and I duly opened my mouth to indulge his swollen cock head. He tasted lovely a tad salty but I was loving it.

The couple only a few feet away were totally absorbed in each other as I continued sucking on my new ‘friend’ I was soaking wet and wanted to feel his hard cock inside me. I edged up onto the bed and watched as he unwrapped a condom and rolled it over his stiff shaft. I felt the tip gently open my soaking wet pussy lips and begin entering me, a lovely deep slow rhythm began to light up my entire body I felt so turned on. I watched as two more couples entered the room undressed and began using the mattress on the floor, the sights n sounds were like nothing I had heard before the unmistakable sound of cock pumping into wet pussy balls slapping against arse it served as such a sexual sound-feast I was in heaven. The couple on the bed alongside me made it clear they fancied swopping so out plopped my guy and he duly placed a fresh condom onto his cock as the chap next to me did likewise. I bent over the side of the bed and my new partner began fucking me doggy style whilst I watched all around as people indulged in sucking and fucking like crazy!

My new partner was fucking my tight wet pussy from behind like his life depended on it I was on the absolute edge of orgasm but trying desperately to hold back I was in ecstasy. The lady next to me on the bed orgasmed a huge noisy unleash as the hard cock ponding away deep inside her took her over the edge. He pulled out and rolled the condom off his still rock-hard cock, I instinctively took it into my mouth I was being fucked royally from behind whilst tasting another cock it felt wonderful. The woman seemed to be gathering her composure such was the intensity and strength of her orgasm. The guy fucking me told me he was on the absolute edge and needed to cum I asked for all he had over my face and tits. I was rewarded not only by his lovely creamy load but my original ‘host’ who decided the sight of my angelic face being plastered was also too much and he dutifully unloaded over my nose mouth chin and tits. I was covered in spunk!

I was wearing a Basque stocking no panties and was now following my ‘host’ back downstairs I’d been asked not to wipe the fresh spunk from my face and duly obliged! When I went back into the lounge the scene was very different to the laid-back casual banter environment, I had left only 45 minutes or so ago. My man was naked a woman with huge tits straddling his face whilst another was sucking his cock as well as being fucked from behind! It was like a scene from a German porn movie everywhere I looked people were sucking and fucking it was crazy! The lady of the house approached me and complimented me on the still thick spunk that was slowly dripping off my face. What she did next took me by surprise, she kissed me passionately and licked up every drop of spunk from my face and cleavage. She explained that she simply couldn’t get enough spunk she adored the stuff. She asked if I wanted to drain some of the guys who had yet to indulge, I didn’t need asking a second time. We took 4 men into quite a small room at the rear of the house it was dimly lit with a small sofa and mattress on the floor, at first glance it looked like a student room maybe it was but right now it was about to be used for a very different purpose!

We all squeezed into the small room and soon everyone was naked, us ladies sat on the edge of the sofa and two of the men on their knees began licking and lapping away on our wet pussy’s. Each side of us the other two offered us their raging hard-ons for us to indulge. I was amazed by how much cock she could swallow the last time I witnessed such deep swallowing was at the circus she took this guy’s 7inch length completely to the base! As she devoured his cock her hands gently cupped and massaged his full balls his eyes were fully closed, he was in a very…. very good place! I was wanking and sucking quite hard on the cock I was indulging and from the way his entire body was twitching he too found himself in a very good place! My host then once she had removed the cock from her mouth suggested the guys take turns in filling my pussy with hard cock. This suggestion was so erotic her plummy private school girl accent and very dominating demeanour was truly overwhelmingly erotic. I raised my legs opening my thighs wide and watched as the first guy rolled a condom over his cock he was down on his knees and soon I felt him balls deep inside me.

I was being used by four guys with very hard cocks controlled by my ‘host’ Miss plummy privately educated sexual diva. She told all the guys NOT TO CUM which they all seemed quite happy to comply with. My pussy was dripping wet I took each guy for an average of about 5-10 minutes each waiting his turn it was so surreal she didn’t allow any of the guys waiting to touch her she seemed completely in her element watching and directing the ‘show’. After each had pounded my tight shaven sopping wet pussy, she then instructed the guys to wank themselves off over my face. I laid on the mattress as the four guys kneeled over me and furiously wanked themselves silly. The first guy shot a huge stream of spunk which missed my face completely only the resultant dribbles hit my face our ‘host’ was not pleased! “You Moron” she scolded out at him spanked his arse very hard and told him to FUCK OFF! I was a bit shocked she swore so well a bit like Angela Rippon might do if indeed she would ever be allowed to on national TV! The other three took notice and desperate to appease the ‘host’ held their twitching cocks steady as one after the other completely covered my face in warm sticky spunk!

My face was dripping in spunk my ‘host’ smiled and dismissed the three guys a little less aggressively then kissed me so passionately her mouth lapping up all the spunk from my face and chin and sharing it with me. I was drinking down huge globs of warm sticky cum she left no traces of spunk whatsoever we enjoyed every precious drop! I was so turned on and we ended up entwined on the mattress, she straddled my face I’d positioned a cushion under my head to get better access to her lovely dark pussy lips, my horny tongue delving deep inside her as she licked and lapped away on my clit like her life depended on it. I was delirious with passion for this vamp of a woman, she knew how to control her sexual confidence was truly awe inspiring. I felt myself getting to the point of no return and as my orgasm ripped through me, I felt her let go and my word did she let go! A small stream of clear liquid began dribbling down my chin as her thighs so firmly clasped my head, her orgasm truly to this day remains one of THE most intense I have had the pleasure to enjoy!

We sat and chatted like old friends, naked spent from such intense orgasms it felt dreamy and so surreal. We re-joined the main party in the lounge just in time to watch my man unleash his pent-up load all over a huge pair of tits with enormous areolas the size of saucers the woman wrapped her melons around his cock tit wanking every last drop from his balls. We spent at least 6 hours at this party, Viagra (or its various derivatives) has revolutionised such events for men and us woman are all the better off because of this. Recovery times in gaining second and third erections give renewed confidence to men to say nothing of the increased spunk created and shared resulting from such stronger erections. It became evident that just about every man within the party was taking some form of male enhancement and why not! When we finally hugged kissed and fondled our way out of the front door the outside fresh air was such a bracing sensation. Inside the near tropical sexual oasis, we had enjoyed was now replaced by the chill of the early morning walk to the car. We held each other for a minute before driving away, our very first swingers party brim full of truly adorable sex junkies a mixture of people from all walks of life with one simple bond…. Sexual fulfilment of epic proportions! Our personal journey had taken yet another step onwards and very much for

Sexual Encounters with Strangers

We were now firmly entrenched within the swinging community, Chameleons swingers club in Darlaston became a regular 2-3 week visit but now I found myself enjoying the highly charged sexual freedom that swinging had given me so utter addictive. I had become so much more aware of my own sexuality of what turned not only me on but others both men and woman. I’d met single men in swinger’s clubs mostly married and indulging in a very secret life far from their wives and girlfriends. It became apparent that for so many their own sex drives became stronger whilst their partners dwindled often to nothing or very little. Free high-quality porn only fuels for so many the desire to indulge it’s no surprise the many swingers/sex clubs are booming! I found myself out and about looking at couples and wondering if they were swingers? having met so many I realised they most certainly didn’t adopt a certain look, but it didn’t stop me wondering.

I found flirting became easier now that I was no stranger to enjoying sex with strangers. On one occasion during a warm summers day I was wearing quite a short skirt and wasn’t wearing any panties. I popped into a local coffee shop and sat enjoying my skinny latte with a shot of caramel syrup when I found myself being casually glanced at by a man sat beside what could have been his wife/girlfriend. I decided to flirt but not facially I was reading my book but waited until only he could see and I slowly parted my thighs giving him a direct view of my creamy thighs and shaven haven! I glanced only briefly and could see him staring directly into my parted thighs. I noticed his wife/girlfriend was looking the other way, so he was juggling trying not to get caught looking/staring at another woman (me) and maintaining interest in his wife/girlfriend.

[b][i]I found myself becoming so turned on I felt so in control. Only a few metres away a complete stranger was transfixed trying to get a glimpse of my pussy I was slowly opening my thighs for him when I knew only, he could see. This show went on for about 10-15 minutes but my word I enjoyed every minute as I’m sure he did too. I watched as he and his wife/girlfriend left and as he walked past my table, we looked at each other and shared a smile. I’d found this chance encounter so erotic, it was wrong (it so easily could have gone wrong had his wife/girlfriend seen us) but so very right all at the same time. I never thought that this first encounter would lead to a much more actual encounter which happened in a different coffee shop many miles from home.

[b][i]I was visiting friends and decided to kill some time in a coffee shop I again was wearing a short skirt without any panties. The coffee shop was quite busy I sat directly opposite a guy about mid 40’s suited and booted and working away on his laptop. I again waited until he glanced across at me and as soon as he did, I slowly parted my creamy thighs just enough to hold his attention. It worked a treat, he stopped typing and without getting eye contact could sense his attention. I became bolder and opened my thighs wide enough to give him an uninterrupted view of my freshly shaven pussy! I felt like a big game fisherman with a huge marlin on my hook I wondered if I was making him hard?

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