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Financially Fit and Wealthy

Financially Fit and Wealthy

Ronel Jooste

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1. Why do you need to be financially fit?

2. Be healthy, happy and wealthy

3. Basic financial principles

4. Financially fit goal-setting

5. Effective budgeting

6. Become and stay debt free

7. Savings and investments

8. Basic savings tips

9. Invest for a better future

10. Investing in cash

11. Investing in property

12. Investing in unit trusts

13. Investing in shares

14. Emergency funds give peace of mind

15. Protecting you and your wealth

16. Retire comfortably

17. Financial freedom

18. Create additional income streams

19. Financial thinking patterns

20. Positive financial habits

21. Your financial fitness programme


No book is ever written without a support team. I would like to say thank you to the following people who have played a vital role in realising my dream of writing my first book:

Sean Lochrenberg, my hairstylist, for always making me look and feel pretty in the photos. Leo Haese Centurion BMW for sponsoring the blue BMW used in the cover photoshoot and Castello di Monte for sponsoring the venue.

Johan Beukes and Danie Moolman for proofreading the manuscript prior to the publishing process.

Margaret Hirsch, my mentor when it comes to business and making an impact in the community, and for writing the foreword.

My parents, Jimmy and Annatjie Jooste, my sister Marli Jooste, as well as my special person, Johan Beukes for your love and support.

Lastly to God for blessing me tremendously in both my career and personal life. I wouldn’t have achieved anything by myself, all glory to God.

My wish is that this book will add value to your personal journey and help you to create financial fitness and wealth.


At school we are taught how to read, write and master mathematics but nobody taught us about money or how to manage money. Money has energy – you need four things in life: water, oxygen, love and money, not necessarily in that order, but money is a very integral part of our lives and you find that if you have money you can have most things.

Abundance is everywhere, but sometimes we are looking for it in the wrong place. Have you ever wondered why most people aren’t rich? The answer is very simple: they don’t think they deserve to be. You might think that is a crazy statement, but coming from a fairly disadvantaged background, to running a multi-billion rand business, I have seen everything in life.

Ronel has written a very practical, basic, down to earth, workable, easy to understand book that explains how money works and how to make your money work for you instead of you working for it.

Most people spend their lives chasing money but like anything else, whatever you chase will run away from you. This book teaches you in a practical way how to get your finances in order and help you to live the life that you want. Most people strive for financial freedom – what a wonderful feeling to have enough money at the end of the month and have enough money to buy anything; not only what you want but to also help others. If you follow the simple guidelines in this book I know that you will get there.

Margaret Hirsch (Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Hirsch Group)


My dream is to educate people about finances, because when you empower an individual financially, you uplift a nation.”

Money has a direct impact on every person irrespective of race, age, gender, social status or level of occupation. You need money to survive on a daily basis whether you are struggling financially or have billions. The power money has over us cannot be disregarded. The more knowledge we have about finances, the better we can manage our finances and the better lifestyle we can create for ourselves and our families.

Money is not only about receiving, but also about giving. The more wealth you can create, the bigger impact you can make in the lives of others.

My purpose in life is financial education. I believe by sharing financial knowledge I can help to reduce poverty, to create jobs and to ultimately reduce crime in our beautiful country, South Africa. I want to use my qualifications, work experience and personal experience to help individuals and businesses to become financially fit for life.

I have used the knowledge gained during my career in the financial services industry, the lessons I learned through my personal journey with money, as well as the questions people ask when I speak at events, present workshops or do financial consulting, to write a book that will guide you on your journey to become financially fit and wealthy.

Some important lessons I learned during my personal journey with money:

You don’t need millions to start your savings journey. I started my savings journey by putting away the little bit of money I earned doing part-time work during my matric and varsity years. I diligently saved my money and five years later I could buy my first brand new car cash, and then the second car and the third car… it all started by saving a little bit of money over a few years.

I always dreamt about travelling the world and to date I have visited more than 30 countries. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for managing my budget effectively. I spent a lot of time on budgeting and analysing my actual expenditure. It certainly paid off.

I was brought up with a ‘cash is king’ mindset and this was the most powerful money lesson my parents could have taught me. Having to finance my first home was a frightening experience and I had one goal in mind – to repay my bond as quickly as possible. I paid more than what the minimum instalment requirement was and I have used any excess money to repay my bond. Six years later I repaid my bond and I became debt-free in my early thirties. That was the best feeling; it also gave me the opportunity to start building wealth.

I started to experiment by investing small amounts in various investments. It helped me to learn all about different investment types and in the process I learned to become comfortable taking calculated risks.

I started to invest in property. It made me realise through property investments I can own assets that increase in value and generate passive income streams.

Even though I was in a senior position in the corporate world earning a lot of money, I realised I cannot rely on a salary only. If I want to build ultimate wealth I need to create additional income sources, ideally passive income sources. Buying a guesthouse was one method through which I could diversify my investment portfolio and create passive income.

It is a fact, the way you manage your money when you are young has a direct impact on how you are going to experience life later on. The financial decisions you make today, do impact on your financial future.

Financial education is my purpose and fitness is my passion. I am a qualified personal trainer and exercising is part of my daily lifestyle. I want to promote living a healthy, active, happy and wealthy lifestyle. I believe you apply similar principles on your journey towards creating financial fitness to that which you would apply during your journey towards creating physical fitness. I have written this book about financial fitness by linking it to physical fitness concepts and principles. I believe by adding the physical fitness aspects, it makes this book unique, more fun to read and easier to understand. May this book inspire you to start with your journey to create ultimate wellbeing – become and stay fit on a physical and financial level.

Chapter 1
Why do you need to be financially fit?

You are responsible for your financial wellbeing and your financial wellbeing has a direct impact on how you experience life. Empower yourself by equipping yourself with comprehensive financial knowledge to be able to make effective financial decisions. If you experience financial difficulty and stress then make a decision to actively do something about it so that you are not financially strained for the rest of your life. You will never regret taking that decision. If you are already doing well financially, focus on how you can improve your financial wellbeing even further.

We often hear money cannot buy happiness, time or health. While that is true to a great extent, you can also not discount the important role money plays in your life. Money is essential to our daily living. Taking care of your financial wellbeing is as important as taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Considering Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you need money to fulfil your basic needs of food, water, a house to live in and to provide for your family. You need money to take better care of your health and to pay for good education. You need money to pay the monthly expenses and bills.

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