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Your Amazing Itty Bitty®

Guide to Being TED-Worthy

15 Essential Secrets of Successful Speaking Based in Human Neurobiology

John-Alfred Kohler Bates

Smashwords Edition

Published by S & P Productions, Inc.

Become a far more effective Leader and Communicator By Using Principles Based in Neurobiology. Public speaking is the original human communication medium. Long before television and radio everything important started with public speaking. It’s still the most effective method for influencing human beings and you’re now in competition for people’s attention with the best speakers in the world. In this deeply insightful Itty Bitty Book, John Bates shows you how to use the powerful principles he teaches to TED and TEDx speakers, the NASA astronauts, top executives, and other leaders around the world. You will discover the incredible power of mirror neurons as applied to public speaking and leadership. Experience the amazing difference when you use advice from none other than Snoop Dogg and learn the 3 ways to inspire and connect with any audience, any time, any place on Earth. If becoming a TED speaker interests you pick up this important itty bitty book today.

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I dedicate this book to all of the amazing people I met both in the TED organization and at TED conferences over the years. I’m particularly grateful to Kelly Young Stoetzel – you transformed my life by creating TEDActive. And, to Chris Anderson whose generosity of spirit and utterly courageous approach to freeing the information and Ideas Worth Spreading of TED to the whole wide world has radically changed the whole wide world. Also, thank you Benjamin Zander! Our accidental collaboration while singing Happy 25th Birthday to TED in 2009 put me onto a path I couldn’t have even dreamed of back then. And, to Simon Sinek whose TEDx talk is one of the most popular TED talks ever, for generously taking his time to help me finally nail my WHY at TEDActive in 2014 – Wow, what a difference that made. And, finally, I dedicate this to YOU for having the courage to step through the natural fear we all have of being noticed, to do what it will take to clarify and hone your message, and then… to go out and share YOUR idea worth spreading. I can’t wait for the world to hear it. Best of Luck!

- John Bates

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Table of Essential Secrets

To Being TED-Worthy


Secret 1. What Is Your ONE Idea Worth Spreading?

Secret 2. Make Time To Do This Right, Or Don’t Do it Until You Can Make Time to Do it Right

Secret 3. How to Create a Great Speech Without Suffering

Secret 4. Include Your Superhero Origin Story & Establish “Emotional Credibility”™

Secret 5. Be Responsible For What They Hear

Secret 6. Understand The Secret Of Human Neurobiology That Almost Everyone Misses

Secret 7. How You Can Create Great Audiences Every Single Time

Secret 8. You Should Be Scared, Public Speaking Is Dangerous!

Secret 9. Core Neurobiology, Two Secrets

Secret 10. Public Speaking Is Dangerous! This Helps

Secret 11. How to Connect With And Inspire Any Audience, Anywhere, Any Time

Secret 12. The TED Commandments Make ANY Speech Better

Secret 13. The Bates Equation Of Public Speaking

Secret 14. On Stage Do This, Don’t Do That

Secret 15. Say Yes To Your Opportunity To Make A Difference

Introduction by Mike Michalowicz

The best way to compliment an awesome itty-bitty guide that will get you speaking on the TED platform, is to have an itty-bitty foreword. So, that is my intention here – short and to the point.

What you are about to experience in John Bates’ book are the exact methods I have used. As a result, I have had the privilege to speak on the TED platform multiple times, to deliver mainstage keynotes at the largest entrepreneurial conferences in the world, and to have a flourishing career as a speaker.

I have experienced all that, and more, because of the exact lessons that are contained within this book that is now in your hands. These techniques took me years to discover. First on my own, and then ultimately from John, when I hired him as my speaking coach.

For over ten years he has been my guide, showing me how to improve my presentations each time. My only wish is that he published this book sooner, because I would have reviewed and revisited it time and time again before every speech. And, now that this book has been released, that is my plan.

In these pages John will show you why as a speaker, you are not a speaker – you are a performer.

You are privileged with the ultimate platform of influence, and you are expected to bring the best of you to every single performance. You are in the position to change lives.

Commit to mastering the principles contained in this book. Commit to bringing the best of you every time you speak. Commit to reviewing this guide every time before you step on stage. The audience is starving for your greatness. This book will show you how to bring it.

Mike Michalowicz – Best Selling Author of Profit First, TV Personality, International Speaker & Entrepreneur

Essential Secret # 1

What is Your ONE Idea Worth Spreading?

TED is deservedly popular for a lot of reasons. One of the big ones is that the talks are short and focused. Even non-TED speakers can benefit from that lesson! Every time I have been coached by TED the number one thing that stands out for me is their repetition of the question: What is your one idea worth spreading?

1. It’s not your two or three best ideas. The thing you must answer for yourself if you want to be successful is: What is the one, singular idea to which you are going to dedicate this talk. After that, everything else you say must line up behind that one, main point like the shaft of a Neolithic spear behind its flinty point.

2. One way to get in touch with your idea is to ask yourself the question: If I knew, in my heart of hearts, that the world would really listen to me for 5, 10, 18 minutes, what is the one idea I would most want to share?

3. Do not get all hung up on finding the one, right idea. You probably have more than one and the right one is the one you pick.

Explore Your Ideas and Then Pick One.

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