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Daddy?  The Book... by Kenneth Mc Glohen Daddy? The Book... by July 26, 2016 $0.99 15689 words Sample 20%
The wild and out of control story of daddy to be and the men that help him make his dreams come true. Seeing is believing and you will want more and more. This could be the end of a journey for a gypsy or perhaps, just the start. You decide as this is the original first story from a new author, but not new to the world of kink and imagination.
Los Que te Abandonan by Dag Heward-Mills Los Que te Abandonan by July 26, 2016 $5.00 45996 words
Las personas que lo abandonan pueden destruirlo. Nada puede describir el sentimiento de depresión, confusión y ansiedad que nos embarga cuando una persona nos abandona. Este libro ha sido escrito para ayudarlo a combatir la destrucción que se desencadena cuando alguna persona lo abandona. No se sienta defraudado. El ser abandonado no le sucede solamente a usted y a su ministerio.
Scrapbooking Techniques by Deedee Moore Scrapbooking Techniques by July 26, 2016 $2.95 10998 words Sample 15%
This ebook is dedicated to the how-tos of scrapbooking. For your convenience and easy reference, each how-to is divided into easy to understand tips. These tips focus on the basics of how to do scrapbooking and various techniques and additions make your scrapbook page even better. These tips gradually lead you from simple and easy beginner tips to more complex and advanced scrapbooking techniques.
Adam G-214 : Utopia's Garden by gregory stomberg Adam G-214 : Utopia's Garden by July 26, 2016 Free! 0 words Read a sample
Adam G-214 : Utopia's Garden, rock opera by Gregory S Stomberg and Jim Hauser, a Syberite production, graphic novel
Anonymous by Lana Walch Anonymous by July 26, 2016 $2.99 3845 words Sample 25%
Who needs therapy? Tired of wasting her money trying to understand some of her more unusual desires, a woman decides to take matters into her own hands and fulfill a fantasy of having totally anonymous sex. She gets exactly what she wants at a nightclub, hard and unprotected.
Joshua's Song by Beatriz Cymberknopf Joshua's Song by July 26, 2016 $4.99 13013 words Sample 15%
This book is a true account of messages channeled from Heaven from son to mother and is a must read for anyone who has lost a loved one, needs help cultivating the inner strength to move forward and re-ignite faith, or who simply wants to be reassured that your loved one is with you now and will always be by your side.
poetry file by Mojtaba Darabi poetry file by July 26, 2016 Free! 9045 words Read a sample
مجله ای برای شعر سپید
Heart of My Own Heart--Miracle at Valley Rise Book 3 by Karen Welch Heart of My Own Heart--Miracle at Valley Rise Book 3 by July 26, 2016 $2.99 152608 words Sample 20%
Their honeymoon may be a European concert tour, their first home a series of hotel suites, but for Emily and Stani, the happy-ever-after has begun
Los que Ovlidan by Dag Heward-Mills Los que Ovlidan by July 26, 2016 $5.00 37791 words
La mayoría de las personas están conscientes de los “cuatro pecados mayores”: mentir, robar, fornicar y matar. Si usted les pidiera todas las personas que le dieran una lista de pecados, no es probable que ellos mencionen el pecado de olvidar. Pero la Palabra de Dios es clara sobre el tema. ¡Olvidar es falta de rectitud! Olvidar, fallar al conocimiento, o fallar en recordar son pecados ante Dios.
Los que son ignorantes by Dag Heward-Mills Los que son ignorantes by July 26, 2016 $5.00 40689 words
En este libro clásico, el obispo Dag Heward-Mills enseña sobre cómo el ingrediente de la lealtad consolida el desempeño de un líder. El uso de referencias bíblicas, históricas y literarias, el tema se hace aún más relevante para cada tipo de lector.
Daddy Daughter Incest and Bestiality Bundle (7 Depraved Stories!) by Baby Angie Daddy Daughter Incest and Bestiality Bundle (7 Depraved Stories!) by July 26, 2016 $6.99 26328 words Sample 20%
7 of the filthiest, most disgusting tales of incest and bestiality ever published! Lord have mercy on us!
Allegra by Matthew Jimson Allegra by July 26, 2016 $4.99 23199 words Sample 20%
This sex-filled misadventure follows an ex-military man who works as a bouncer at a secret and highly illegal sex club while trying to deal with his own heartbreak. As obscene sexual acts and orgies play out before his eyes with many of the club's workers and guests alike, only Allegra stands out to him. Upon her disappearance, he teams up with her lifelong friend to find her.
Natalie The Nudist by Kelly Addams Natalie The Nudist by July 26, 2016 $1.99 5086 words Sample 20%
Natalie is a prude! A girl who denies her own sexuality, a girl destined to become a lonely spinster, that is until her friend Zoe sets her a task intended to release her inner 'slut!'... An afternoon of harmless exposure is planned on a nudist beach, a place to be seen and observed... it is probably just what she needs to build her confidence, but Natalie hadn't banked on meeting pervert Barry!
The Four Powers by J.A. Cummings The Four Powers by July 26, 2016 $4.99 89315 words Sample 20%
Centuries ago, a Lodestone holding the power of magic was divided into elemental quarters and hidden in Watchtowers. Pedar Tolris is a dragon expert whose knowledge is needed when the Dragon Council sets out to unite the Lodestone. Along with members of the other Powers, he sets out to stop the Council from destroying the natural order of magic by uniting the Lodestone and ending the world.
Into Focus (Focus Series Book 1) by Alex Bostwick Into Focus (Focus Series Book 1) by July 26, 2016 Free! 15557 words Read a sample
Into Focus, the first entry in the Focus urban fantasy series, sends readers head-first into a world of wizards, shapeshifters, and terrorist plots.
A Virgin's First Hunt (Vestal Virgin Hunter Series) by Misty MacAllister A Virgin's First Hunt (Vestal Virgin Hunter Series) by July 26, 2016 $0.99 10476 words Sample 20%
Eighteen-year-old Skye is a Vestal Virgin and she was raised and trained as a weapon, but she’s also a young, inexperienced woman who knows nothing of the world or its temptations. So when her first mission plunges her into a sensual sea of decadent delights, she begins to question her purpose, her comrades, and even her precious virginity. Warning: this book is intended for a mature audience.
Daddy Loves Hypnosis 3-Pack Volume 2 (Dubcon Daughter Incest Breeding Taboo Erotica Bareback Oral Anal) by DeeDee Zee Daddy Loves Hypnosis 3-Pack Volume 2 (Dubcon Daughter Incest Breeding Taboo Erotica Bareback Oral Anal) by July 26, 2016 $6.99 10523 words Sample 20%
Three more Daddy Loves Hypnosis shorts — Dessert, Good Doggy, Massage — collected in one box set.
True Confessions by Syra Bond True Confessions by July 26, 2016 $4.99 65421 words Sample 15%
Everything was silent, nothing moved or happened. Then I heard the swish of his hand. I felt the draught of air it caused as his flattened palm sped towards my upturned buttocks. My future and my past flashed before me. I imagined the pain even before it struck. I wondered if I could stand it. I thought of each blow. How hard? How many? How long before it all ended? I held my breath...
Rhapsody of Realities for Kids, August Edition - Joseph The Prime Minister by Chris Oyakhilome Rhapsody of Realities for Kids, August Edition - Joseph The Prime Minister by July 26, 2016 $2.99 120 words Sample 5%
Do you remember the young man named Joseph? The One whose brothers were jealous of? Well, Joseph's brothers weren't only jealous of him; they treated Joseph unkindly, and sold him off as a slave. How Sad! While he was in Egypt, he worked for Potiphar; the Captain of the king's guards. One day, Potiphar's wife lied against Joseph, and he was imprisoned for what he didn't do.
Make money  with CPA and Youtube by ahmed mahmoud Make money with CPA and Youtube by July 26, 2016 $3.00 758 words
Make money with CPA and Youtube
Los que son hijos peligrosos by Dag Heward-Mills Los que son hijos peligrosos by July 26, 2016 $5.00 37462 words
Este libro es otro regalo del pluma de Dag Heward-Mills a todos los ministros que se molestarían en leer. Este libro responderá a las preguntas sobre cómo manejar las complicadas relaciones entre padres e hijos. A través de la enseñanza de este libro, vas a evitar una maldición sobre su vida y traer sobre ti mismo una bendición. Los padres son personas especiales que crían hijos y protegidos. Sin
Tri Angel by Andre Le Bierre Tri Angel by July 26, 2016 $3.29 23344 words Sample 10%
In dieser Sammlung geht es um die Geschichten, welche sich mit drei Personen befassen, MMF FFM, oder wie auch immer ...
Πλάτων, Απολογία Σωκράτους by Johnny Ka Πλάτων, Απολογία Σωκράτους by July 26, 2016 $2.99 19740 words Sample 5%
Η Απολογία Σωκράτους είναι σύγγραμμα του Πλάτωνα, το οποίο πιθανότατα γράφτηκε το 397 π.Χ. ή 396 π.Χ. Είναι μοναδικό μη διαλογικό έργο του Πλάτωνα, αλλά και ο μόνος πλατωνικός διάλογος στον οποίο ο Πλάτωνας αναφέρει ότι ήταν παρών στο γεγονός. Αυτό οπωσδήποτε ενισχύει τη θεωρία του ιστορικού χαρακτήρα της Απολογίας.
Bread for Believers by Dr. Curtis Hutson Bread for Believers by July 26, 2016 $7.49 99312 words Sample 20%
Here is a guidebook that begins with how to become a believer, continues with growing into a productive life in Christ and ends with the culmination of growth--perfect Christ-likeness in Heaven. It is filled with Biblical truths for new converts and mature Christians alike. This easy-reading book will inspire and challenge you to live for the Lord.
Lealtad y deslealtad by Dag Heward-Mills Lealtad y deslealtad by July 26, 2016 $5.00 37935 words
Aunque es un requerimiento primario de Dios para los líderes, muy poco ha sido escrito sobre este tema. En este libro, Dag Heward-Mills resume los principios más importantes con la intención de incrementar la estabilidad de las iglesias. El contenido de este libro es tan importante y práctico que se ha convertido en una herramienta indispensable para muchos líderes de iglesias.
Straw Houses by Victor Malone Straw Houses by July 26, 2016 $4.99 91542 words Sample 30%
Dominic is bored and Dominic is lonely. Until he meets Michael who is everything Dominic is not. But being too close to Michael can be dangerous. From the Red Light District of Amsterdam to the jungles of Borneo – via back street sex shops and underground cinemas – Dominic will come to learn that society is not as ordered as he thought, and all men are just Straw Houses blowing in the wind…
Los Que Te Acusan by Dag Heward-Mills Los Que Te Acusan by July 26, 2016 $5.00 34137 words
Aunque el diablo es comúnmente conocido como el acusador de los hermanos, él es realmente el acusador en medio de los hermanos. En su experiencia de liderazgo, usted conocerá diferentes tipos de personas. Quizás uno de los enemigos más descorazonadores que podrá encontrar es “el acusador en medio de los hermanos”. Aprenda más sobre esto en este nuevo lanzamiento por Dag Heward-Mills.
Storm Shadow by Ted Branston Storm Shadow by July 26, 2016 $4.95 165586 words Sample 20%
Trained as a lethal killer, his luck ran out in the blast of an IED while on patrol in Helmand Province. With his shattered body healed but his Army career at an end, he returned to his home to start life afresh in the rural countryside of south west England.
Church Girl Gone Bad by Misty MacAllister Church Girl Gone Bad by July 26, 2016 $0.99 5222 words Sample 20%
When the principal, Pastor Bob, calls Stephanie to the Chapel for some discipline, it's the Pastor who gets more than he bargained for. Stephanie needs more than a stern talking to, she needs a firm hand, and she needs it on her bare bottom. And that's only the beginning. WARNING: 'Church Girl Gone Bad' involves consenting adults over 18 doing naughty things of a sexual nature.
The Compound Fracture by Ian Osler The Compound Fracture by July 26, 2016 $4.95 51337 words Sample 20%
Madrid, 1992, Peter Atkinson sits in a seminar room waiting to begin a routine meeting with key personnel of a large pharmaceutical company. An informal conversation, which he is not meant to overhear, leads him to recognise serious consequences for innocent patients. As this international intrigue develops, there are intrusions into personal lives that test resilience and loyalties.
The Master's Fantasies - Bought by the Billionaire Book 5 by Simone Leigh The Master's Fantasies - Bought by the Billionaire Book 5 by July 26, 2016 $0.99 5123 words Sample 20%
Under contract to her Billionaire Master, Richard Haswell, to fulfill his every desire as and when he wishes it, Elizabeth learns she has made an enemy.
The Master's Desires - Bought by the Billionaire Book 4 by Simone Leigh The Master's Desires - Bought by the Billionaire Book 4 by July 26, 2016 $0.99 5080 words Sample 20%
Elizabeth must keep her end of the agreement with her Billionaire Master, Richard Haswell. He will give her anything she wants. And in return she must give him anything he wants.
The Master's Courtesan - Bought by the Billionaire Book 3 by Simone Leigh The Master's Courtesan - Bought by the Billionaire Book 3 by July 26, 2016 $0.99 5332 words Sample 20%
A steamy tale of Cinderella erotica, an alpha male billionaire and BDSM.
The Secret Purpose Of Bones by Victor Malone The Secret Purpose Of Bones by July 26, 2016 You set the price! 52994 words Sample 30%
The Secret Purpose of Bones: If her family, friends and neighbours are allowed their secrets, why she is not allowed her own? This is the life shattering question Carol asks herself one night, alone, waiting for her missing family to return… Somewhere Between Heaven and Mulholland: A troubled and disillusioned actress is haunted by the ghost of a director… + seven more from the undergroud legend
Missed Opportunities by Maddison Vigar Missed Opportunities by July 26, 2016 You set the price! 2908 words Sample 30%
A short story set in a train station where the main characters have missed the last train of the day
En el mar de Dirac by Antonio Reina En el mar de Dirac by July 26, 2016 $2.99 143452 words Sample 20%
En el mar de Dirac es una historia para almas curtidas, una apasionante ficción de personajes inquietantes sin escrúpulos en la que se combinan el sexo más brutal y el amor más extremo, la admiración más inquietante y la crueldad, el deseo y el interés, la razón y la locura… en una sucesión de acontecimientos que conducen al abismo de la aniquilación.
Reflections In Broken Eyes by Victor Malone Reflections In Broken Eyes by July 26, 2016 Free! 31574 words Read a sample
A hall of mirrors trip through 107 ultra short stories - hunting for clues like slivers of glass in the snow: a forgotten memory, the ghost of a note, a darkened deed from the halcyon days of frontier injustice, a beguiling game of tiles, a manuscript that no one will ever read, a demon in the kitchen, a witch behind a window, a serial killer in a shack, a ghost in a well...
Food Safety Guidelines by Lepile Mosupa Food Safety Guidelines by July 26, 2016 $1.50 3143 words Sample 15%
This book covers food safety requirements, food safety auditing, recommendations and how to implement the recommendations including ways to prevent food poisoning.
The Master's Contract - Bought by the Billionaire Book 2 by Simone Leigh The Master's Contract - Bought by the Billionaire Book 2 by July 26, 2016 Free! 4993 words Read a sample
This is a Cinderella story of and alpha male billionaire and a submissive woman, bdsm and romantic eroticism.
Roadkill by Marcia Woolf Roadkill by July 26, 2016 $3.99 67905 words Sample 10%
What would you do if you were driving along a country lane one night and discovered a man lying dead in the road? Jack and Cookie Garrity do something nobody – certainly not the killer – could have expected. Then the pair are witnesses to a second crime, and a link is made that puts them squarely in the frame.
A Time for Love: A Short Story by C.L. Mannarino A Time for Love: A Short Story by July 26, 2016 $0.99 6603 words Sample 10%
Carl and Evelyn have been married for 15 years. They’ve also never aged past 18 in all that time. Why? They haven’t found their soulmates. Tired of never growing old, they decide to take matters into their own hands. But what will they discover when they do—and will they stay together afterwards?
Kilim: An ancient weaving art still kept alive by Chokhi Handicrafts, Sr Kilim: An ancient weaving art still kept alive by July 26, 2016 Free! 490 words Read a sample
Kilim, an ancient craft tradition, represents an aesthetic heritage that is still kept alive by the nomadic tribes who are the creators of this craft. The most popular use of this ancient weaving craft in making carpets and rugs. The history of Kilim is so ancient that ascertaining its origins is very knotty as the craft is believed to have originated even before the man learned to write! That is
Rock Bottom by Kennie Kayoz Rock Bottom by July 26, 2016 Free! 587 words Read a sample
Have you ever spent significant time job hunting and got no where ?... Frustrated with the process and yet you see ads you've applied for pop up over and over again... It makes you want to grab the monitor and just scream at it... I took that and wrote about it..
Solestara by Caroline Hough Solestara by July 26, 2016 $4.95 116396 words Sample 20%
For five million years the Galaxy has hidden a great secret; one that will ultimately change the course of the Known Worlds. That secret has now been solved and the beacon has been activated. The key players in unlocking the mystery have now separated. Professor Bryik has returned to Earth in an attempt to discover how the monument and the Solestarans have influenced history.
Breeder by Celeste M. Bath Breeder by July 26, 2016 $2.99 14183 words Sample 20%
Due to the demands of college, Jean hasn't had any sex in months. But after a break in at her apartment has her spend the night with her landlord, Jean discovers the talents of Cindy's well trained Rottweiler! Such dogs are expensive of course, but Cindy tells her she can earn one of her own at the Kennel that produced him, working as a trainer, and maybe as a breeder there as well... ADULTS only
Letting Go: A Novel by Maria Thompson Corley Letting Go: A Novel by July 26, 2016 $3.99 109821 words Sample 20%
Told in a witty combination of standard prose, letters, emails, and diary entries, LETTING GO is a long-distance love story that also examines race, religion, and the difficult choices we make following our passions. From the Great White North to the streets of New York City to the beaches of Bermuda, LETTING GO is a journey of longing, betrayal, self-discovery and hope you will never forget.
Seeds Of Passchendaele by Vernon Rodgers Seeds Of Passchendaele by July 26, 2016 $4.95 108109 words Sample 20%
Archie Falkner is trapped, wounded, in the mud of WW1 ‘no-man’s land’ at Passchendaele. German, Gunther Brunnen, finds him and drags him to safety in a shell crater and treats his wound. They smoke and discuss their families. Preparing to leave, Gunther is shot and killed by advancing British troops. Back home, a photograph of a woman and child is found in Archie’s uniform pocket.
Extenuating Circumstance: Tethered by Candace Mia Extenuating Circumstance: Tethered by July 26, 2016 $0.99 834 words Sample 20%
A friend has to wear a tether. He can't go anywhere. She'll bring it to him.
Love Is (Rock Harbor Chronicles Novella Set) by Sarah J. Bradley Love Is (Rock Harbor Chronicles Novella Set) by July 26, 2016 $3.99 73589 words Sample 5%
Three new Rock Harbor novellas in one set about strong women who learn love is...everything.
The Forbidden Love Affair: Stepmother Erotica by Rod Polo The Forbidden Love Affair: Stepmother Erotica by July 26, 2016 Free! 3984 words Read a sample
Thomas was backed up in a corner, not knowing what his next move was going to be. But still, he seemed to like how his stepmom had decided to take matters in her own hands and making sure that she was going for whatever she wanted, which was something incredibly amazing at the end of the day. And so he decided not to let her down by responding to whatever advances she was having.